You can cancel your appointment with Louise Feuillere, the corseterie I introduced to you in 2009.  We now have our own luxury custom bra maker here in the States.  (If you’re in Europe, however, why don’t you go ahead and keep your appointment with Louise and tell us all about it?)

Norma Loehr was in New York last week to source fabric and meet with clients, but she also took time out for frozen yogurt with me.  Talking to her was as inspiring as you can imagine it would be.  Norma became  a custom bra maker for the same reason that many of us wish we could make our own bras–she couldn’t find anything in her size.  She is between an A and a B cup with a narrow back, but she requires an underwire that usually goes with a 36 or 38 band.

Given all the great DD+ bras on the market, you may wonder why an Hourglassy reader would even need a custom bra.  A basic bra like this one begins at $275 (note that she uses a three-part cup for fuller busts for the same price).

I can think of a few of reasons to need this bra:

  1. You have a 26″ or 27″ band;
  2. It’s challenging to accommodate the size difference between your breasts;
  3. You want a bra in a skin tone that you can’t find anywhere else;
  4. Your frame is such that underwires are always poking you, or they’re always too wide or too narrow; or
  5. You’re between cup sizes and are tired of dealing with extra space or bulging cups.

What else might tempt you to invest in a custom basic bra?

Personally, I’m much more tempted to invest in a beyond-the-basics bra.  First, I would like styles that aren’t available in my size, like:

  1. a version of the Freya Nieve in a basic nude color (because  I could get more wear out of it under my white shirt in nude and would never worry about back bulge again!
  2. a sweet little bralet like this B.Tempted–it wouldn’t be a pure bralet because Norma tells me I would get no support, but she could make a supportive bra underneath with the look of a bralet above.
  3. a racerback that fastens in front–Norma would make it for me with the caveat that there is only room for one line of hooks, and therefore it can’t be made tighter or looser.  I’m fine with that because that’s how my Enell sports bra works.

Next, I would go with wildly indulgent pieces like:

  1. a bra made to complement my dress for an upcoming black tie event or a wedding, one that was meant to be appreciated when a viewer caught a glimpse of it; and
  2. bras in gorgeous silks and laces and colors, with frilly straps or a big fat satin bow in back to be displayed from a backless dress.

Isn’t dreaming a wonderful thing?  And especially when you have someone who could make your dream a reality!

Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about the process of hiring Orange Lingerie to sew a custom bra for you.