In Germany

Angela Merkel has been at the top of the Forbes list of most powerful woman in the world for the last three years (see here, here and here), so she’s definitely known for more than cleavage. However, another woman from Merkel’s party who is running for a parliamentary seat, is using this ad to associate herself with Merkel.

“Wir haben mehr zu bieten,” means “We have more to offer.” If I were Merkel, I’d be annoyed, but as the writer of this blog, I’m delighted to discover that such a brilliant leader is also a full-breasted woman. You can read more here.

In France

I’m adding this to my list of places to visit the next time I’m in Paris: Louise Feuillere.

According to the Foraging column in last Sunday’s New York Times, “Ms. Feuillère uses only French lace from the Calais area near the Belgian border, as well as washable silks from France and Italy and sheer plumetis cotton from Switzerland.” You can expect several fittings after the first appointment and to wait three weeks for delivery after the final fitting.

A handmade bra can cost over $450, and I know I would want matching panties. Imagine the luxury. Imagine the beauty. And just hope the dollar is strong when you place your order.