Getting my Parfait bra set in the mail was extremely exciting!  I wear a 28FF in Freya, but because Parfait sizes run from 30D-40G, they sent me a 30F and a 30G to get as close to my size as possible.  I didn’t even try the 30G because the 30F was surprisingly roomy.  So I gave Leah the 30G, and you can read her review and see pictures of it in her post.

First of all, the Fiona is really beautiful.  I chose this style with its creme shade and relatively simple pattern because that is what appeals to me.  It’s important to me that I can wear my bras with all my clothes and that they are comfortable and offer proper support.  Prettiness is an added a bonus.  Besides being pretty, the quality of the make and material of this Parfait is really obvious.  The small details are great.

I was also very impressed with the Parfait in terms of comfort.  I wore it all day yesterday and felt wonderful.  The band was snug on the loosest hook, but it didn’t dig into my ribs or back at all.  I had to adjust the straps a bit, but they rested in the perfect spot near the edge of my shoulder without falling off or irritating my arm.

Below you can see some pictures of me wearing the bra under a regular shirt and two different dresses.

This is the t-shirt that I wore the whole day and it highlights the main issue I had with the Parfait bra.   There was a significant crease on the top of the cups.  We tried the band at all levels of tightness and the crease didn’t really change.  When the band was at its tightest, there was also a little tissue spilling out and making a mound.  Sometimes the crease wasn’t too noticeable and didn’t create lines in my shirt, but with certain posture it could definitely be seen

This is the dress that I wore yesterday.  I had the options of wearing it with a completely beige bra, wearing it with an undershirt, or letting my more patterned bras show through.  I think that I would wear the Fiona bra with this dress, though the dark brown lace is visible in the picture.

This is another dress I wear pretty often and I really like it with the Fiona bra.  My plain beige bra is visible, as this dress is pretty low-cut, and my other bras show more cleavage than I prefer.  The Fiona didn’t show much cleavage at all and the bra itself stayed hidden.