A woman complained in a recent tweet that she hadn’t worn a low enough top to get what she wanted from her boss and was now having to go through red tape. I responded by saying that if she’d worn a Campbell & Kate shirt, all she’d need to do was unfasten an extra button or two! It was her tweet and a customer’s recent appreciation of the button placement in my shirts that led to today’s Campbell & Kate blog post about how high or low a full-busted woman should go with her neckline.

Even with the amount of cleavage discussion we’ve already had on Hourglassy, it’s impossible to exhaust this subject. One reason is that it’s so personal. After the Twitter exchange above, I wondered, “Would I ever wear a low neckline to get something?” Chances are, I wouldn’t. It’s a conclusion I reached during the discussion that took place in April when I asked whether baring cleavage proves that a woman owns her boobs. When I hear about other women’s strategic use of cleavage, however, I sometimes vacillate, as I did when I read about Leah’s idea to bar tend in order to raise more money during a fundraiser (in her recent post about breasts as weapons).

It’s impossible to reduce a subject to hard and fast rules when so much depends upon our own feelings and goals at any given moment. I’m curious to hear if you have used your neckline (either low OR high) to accomplish something, and what factored into your decision.