The D Cup and Up list is getting quite international–the last two celebrities were from the UK (Katherine Tate and Amanda Redman), and today’s celebrities are from Latin America–Sofia Vergara from Columbia, and Salma Hayek from Mexico. I’ve mentioned both Sofia and Salma on Hourglassy before, but they caught my eye this month because Sofia is featured in the April InStyle and Salma in the May Lucky.

Here are my favorite quotes and/or discoveries from the Sofia Vergara interview:

“Citing Sophia Loren as a role model–sexy but always appropriately dressed for her age–the famously voluptuous Vergara now opts to show off either her cleavage or her legs, but not both. ‘Believe me,’ she says, ‘I can look cheesy very easily.'”

Comment: Great advice! It’s like lipstick or eyeshadow–makeup artists always advise choosing just one feature to highlight.

“As a woman who usually has size 4 dresses altered for her size 2 waist and can rarely find a bra that fits, she has tried to create a line that flatters all shapes and sizes.”

Comment: Where to begin with a statement like this? First, Sofia needs to contribute her photo to the Bra Band Project tout de suite! Second, if you “like” the InStyle Facebook page and watch the video of the photo shoot, you will notice that they provide no back shots of the dress in the photo above. It wouldn’t surprise me if the waist isn’t cinched with giant binder clips. Her tailor didn’t get to alter this one. Finally, in one of the magazine shots, she is wearing a gorgeous blue lace bodysuit by Chantelle. You know Chantelle doesn’t make a bodysuit in Sofia Vergara’s size! That’s probably way she’s sitting down with a coat above it in the photo. If only lingerie companies would make body suits above an F cup.

 As for Salma Hayek, the necklines in these dresses are gorgous for large bosoms.

Nothing boob-specific caught my eye in the Hayek interview, but you can read it here if you’re interested. I was actually inspired by her story of how a terrible case of acne almost derailed her when she was first trying to make it in the United States, and I also liked her Fashion Plan B:

What you need is one black dress I call Plan B. It doesn’t have to be fabulous, it just looks good, covers up the problems and is neutral enough for dinner, business, a date, a funeral. You don’t overwear it, you don’t overwash it, because the Plan B is—gold.

Both women embody “boob ownership” to me, which raises another question on this topic: Does baring cleavage  prove that a woman owns her boobs? More on that in another post, but I would welcome your thoughts in the comments before then.