If you’re current on Doctor Who, then my recent Netflix discovery will be old news to you.  And if that’s the case, then I blame you for not alerting me sooner to my new most favorite full-busted celebrity ever: Catherine Tate, a.k.a Donna Noble in Season 4 of Doctor Who.  Move over I-evidently-have-no-idea-what-bra-size-I-am Christina Hendricks. Catherine Tate OWNS her boobs.

Catherine Tate owns her d cup and up bustline
Even her bra fit isn't perfect (some quadraboob going on), but you have to admit it's a pretty amazing technical feat to be able to wear this dress at this size. Do you think she's a G/H cup?

That doesn’t mean she gets it right every time. She has worn some incredibly disappointing muumuu-type tops, but they have only made me love her more. What woman with D cups and up can’t relate to her missteps?

muumuu look on d cup and up catherine tate
Great neckline but unfortunate tent effect from apex down.

What else do I love about her character?

  1. She’s smart. Sure, she says she’s only a temp from Chiswick, but she comes up with more independent solutions than either of her predecessors, including Martha the medical student. Smart and busty (and hilarious)–what more could I want from my latest D Cup and Up celebrity crush.
  2. Incredibly, she’s the one companion where there is absolutely no romantic tension with the Doctor. She could have been ultra-sexualized by the writers, but there is no acknowledgment whatsoever of the potential effect of her cleavage on men.
  3. She was 39 when she began on Doctor Who. It’s refreshing to see such a prominent character with lines around her eyes and fabulous breasts that aren’t matronly.

It turns out that Catherine Tate is a famous British comedian. When you watch this video below, you’ll see why. I’m not a fan of the pure objectification of her body at the very end, but I dare you not to laugh before then.

The Catherine Tate Show – Boob Job Babe

I’m feeling sheepish about only discovering Tate this year, especially after finding this Live Journal forum dedicated to her “bewbs”.

Finally, if you watch Doctor Who, you know they’re always running everywhere. And that can be a problem for a full-busted actress whose costume doesn’t look right with a sports bra.