How Was Your Flight?

Did you fly anywhere this past holiday weekend, and if so, how was security?  It’s an old story now, but I wonder if anyone else has had an experience similar to Eliana Sutherland’s at the Orlando International Airport. 

I was selected for the scanner at DFW on our way home from Vietnam last June.  Before then, the scanner was something that only Anonymous Other People had to deal with it.  When it became my turn to show every inch of my body to a stranger, however, I wasn’t fine with it.  (I wish I could say I was concerned about the radiation, but I didn’t even know that was an issue.)  I told them I wouldn’t do it, and they told me I’d have to have a pat down. 
For me, a pat down while fully clothed, conducted by a woman I can see and talk to, is simply less intrusive.  The only irritant was the time it took for them to locate a pat downer.

Smiles on the other side of security after avoiding the
scanner in the distance behind me.

Like Eliana Sutherland, I had to wonder why I was selected.  Unlike Eliana, I doubted it was for my breast size.  I was wearing a loose-fitting dress and a much less lifting and supporting bra because I wanted to be comfortable on the long trip.  (From what I can tell from the picture, Eliana wins 5 stars from me for her great-fitting bra and fabulous posture!)  They say the selection is random, but the few people I watched go through the scanner had great bodies.  I was actually kind of flattered to be included.  My impression was that they chose people who were (a) comfortable with their bodies and therefore (b) unlikely to make a fuss.

I appreciate that Eliana Sutherland has made a fuss.  With the great potential for abuse in this system, it’s important for the watchers to know we’re watching them.
It isn’t quite the same, but the idea of making a fuss reminds me of this great subway heroine, Nicola Briggs.  She shares the motivation for her reaction here.  I remember being shocked to see a young man rubbing up against a young pretty female tourist on a subway when I first moved to NYC.  I made eye contact with the tourist and brushed the man away from her as I left the train, but I wish I had called him out on his conduct.  The tourist’s parents were oblivious to what was going on, and I think the girl was in denial.
Finally, thanks to Linda and her new blog, Unhooked, for this topic idea!

Mountain Moving Weekend

Yes! I decimated the energy-sapping mountain of clothes that I wrote about last Wednesday. Not only that, but one more coat of paint to go, and our bedroom walls will look like they belong in an interior design magazine.  Then I’ll change out of this paint-splattered old shirt that I’ve been wearing all weekend.  Don’t you love wearing men’s button-front shirts?  Mr.Campbell’s shirts make me feel small no matter what my bra size.

Here’s another way I spent the weekend–raking all the leaves that you see in the background in this photo AND posting “Found Cat” posters for the cat you see in the forefront.

Mr. Campbell and I call him Grey Cat. The neighbor two doors down calls him “Not Igor” after thinking he was their own cat and letting him in, only to discover Igor already lounging on their couch.  So now he has a box on our back porch with a blanket from our 86-year-old neighbor.  Our other neighbor’s 5th grade son helped me post the “found” signs.  Fortunately, someone called on Saturday saying that he belongs to their landlord one block over.  I’m trying to get up my courage to knock on their door to confirm.  Once I know for sure, I’ll be able to muster up enough hardness of heart to stop feeding him.  (Nothing after the jump.)

Have an Energetic Thanksgiving!

While continuing my quest to become an Organized Person this week, I came across this quote from Donna Karan in the September InStyle magazine that I just cleared off my desk:

The best thing about women today is that they no longer strive to be men.  For men, it’s still about power.  Women, I’m delighted to say, are about energy.

I really like power, but when I identify the image I most want to portray with my clothes, it’s one of energy and life.  What about you?

Unfortunately, for the past two weeks, I’ve grown a giant mountain of clothes on my bedroom floor that has become a major energy thief.  Forget looking energetic and full of life–I’ve been lucky to find something clean that matches!  So after I finish clearing off my desk, I’m going to tackle that mountain.

I hope this upcoming weekend is a relaxing one for you, filled with good memories, delicious food, and great conversation.  And on top of that, I wish you clear insight about what gives you energy and love for life, and I wish you the motivation to pursue it. (Nothing after the jump.)

Fa La La La La, La La La La!

Have you already started humming along with the Christmas carols playing over your drugstore speakers?  I have.  I’m not planning to spend Friday at the mall, but I thought I’d give you the info for these great Thanksgiving sales:

1.  Carissa Rose is offering a 20% discount store-wide, including sale items, beginning Thanksgiving through Monday, November 29.

2.  Bare Necessities is offering $10 off a $75 purchase, with free shipping on U.S. orders over $50.

3.  You can get 45% off all your Dirty Dolls lingerie purchases from Friday through Monday.  Enter dollidays10 at checkout!

Finally, it’s not a sale item, but check out item 14 from the WSJ Not Last Minute Gift Guide–$527 for a made-to-measure lingerie set from Jean Yu.  (Nothing after the jump.)