While continuing my quest to become an Organized Person this week, I came across this quote from Donna Karan in the September InStyle magazine that I just cleared off my desk:

The best thing about women today is that they no longer strive to be men.  For men, it’s still about power.  Women, I’m delighted to say, are about energy.

I really like power, but when I identify the image I most want to portray with my clothes, it’s one of energy and life.  What about you?

Unfortunately, for the past two weeks, I’ve grown a giant mountain of clothes on my bedroom floor that has become a major energy thief.  Forget looking energetic and full of life–I’ve been lucky to find something clean that matches!  So after I finish clearing off my desk, I’m going to tackle that mountain.

I hope this upcoming weekend is a relaxing one for you, filled with good memories, delicious food, and great conversation.  And on top of that, I wish you clear insight about what gives you energy and love for life, and I wish you the motivation to pursue it. (Nothing after the jump.)