Yes! I decimated the energy-sapping mountain of clothes that I wrote about last Wednesday. Not only that, but one more coat of paint to go, and our bedroom walls will look like they belong in an interior design magazine.  Then I’ll change out of this paint-splattered old shirt that I’ve been wearing all weekend.  Don’t you love wearing men’s button-front shirts?  Mr.Campbell’s shirts make me feel small no matter what my bra size.

Here’s another way I spent the weekend–raking all the leaves that you see in the background in this photo AND posting “Found Cat” posters for the cat you see in the forefront.

Mr. Campbell and I call him Grey Cat. The neighbor two doors down calls him “Not Igor” after thinking he was their own cat and letting him in, only to discover Igor already lounging on their couch.  So now he has a box on our back porch with a blanket from our 86-year-old neighbor.  Our other neighbor’s 5th grade son helped me post the “found” signs.  Fortunately, someone called on Saturday saying that he belongs to their landlord one block over.  I’m trying to get up my courage to knock on their door to confirm.  Once I know for sure, I’ll be able to muster up enough hardness of heart to stop feeding him.  (Nothing after the jump.)