Phillipa lives on the big continent Down Under, but she’s an expert about what it’s like to live in big boobs up top. I introduced you to her insightful blog in September, and I’m proud now to introduce her to you as a guest author on Hourglassy.

Forget the common misconceptions about having big boobs. I’m not a porn star and I don’t aspire to be a porn star and trust me, they’re 100% natural (and if I knew you well enough that’s pretty easy to prove). Instead, let’s get realigned with reality: buying bras is expensive, buying clothes is a nightmare and learning your cup size is like experiencing the after shock of a medium sized earthquake.

With all that constantly on my mind, I came up with a brilliant little plan. I would create a store on the interweb and sell bras and clothes specifically with the d+ bust in mind. Forget about going the design-your-own route, I’m far too impatient for that (I’ll leave that to geniuses like Darlene). My brilliant plan was to source regular (ok, awesome, funky and cute) labels and beg them to only sell me the pieces that fit, flatter and/or flaunt a bigger bust. Now I’m up to the part where I pray that I actually came up with a “brilliant plan”.

It’s been a ginornous learning experience. The part that sticks out in my mind the most is learning to fit women. Why? Because I realised that my body really isn’t as bad as I perceived it to be. Seeing oodles of near naked women and understanding that not one of them has a designer body might seem obvious to you. But our media-driven society has had its effect on me without my knowing it. Until you’re actually in there, seeing it for yourself, you just don’t understand how powerful those messages are and how deeply they are ingrained into your self.

But exciting times lie ahead! I have my brilliant plan (which so far, is still brilliant 😉 ), I’ve witnessed the beauty of women and the negative power of the media. All in all, I’ve impressed myself with how much I’ve done and the people around me are as excited as I am (well, almost, I’m pretty darn excited) and I can’t wait to get my hot little hands on my new website (find me a web developer who can deliver on time PLEASE)! On the home straight now… Stay tuned!

We’re definitely staying tuned. And Phillipa promises to give us a sneak peak into some of her great finds for us in future posts.  (Nothing after the jump.)