Positive Selfies for Big Busts & Brands

You know how after you’ve shopped for something, it shows up everywhere you go online? Well, the same thing happens when you write about a body positive subject like the Embrace documentary (that is opening in the United States today and inspired this heartfelt post from Shari Deutsch at The Strap Saver). That’s how I discovered a workshop called “Body Positive Selfies” given by Embodied State of Mind on September 3.


Me with Natasha Overton and Kira Munoz, the Body Positive Selfies team from Embodied State of Mind.

Last week I wrote about Campbell & Kate’s recent photo shoot. We worked hard to show my shirts to their best advantage with actual models, hair and makeup artist, stylist, professional photographer and great lighting. As a blogger who wants to portray all bust-friendly clothing that I wear to its best advantage, however, it’s just me and my cell phone or camera. When I’m at home with my tripod and a lot of time, I’m happy with the outcome, but when I’m on the road and just want to give a shoutout that I’m wearing a certain brand, I’m rarely satisfied.

Most recently this happened with my amazing Riley dress from Bitter Lollipop (which is planning to have new styles available in 2017, by the way). I rediscovered it in my closet and have been wearing it weekly ever since. I didn’t want to write a complete new post about it; I just wanted to remind readers how much I love it with a tweet like, “I’m in the muggy train station feeling sharp in my Riley dress from @bitterlolli.” But every selfie was a dud that did NOT show the dress to its best advantage.

So of course I signed up for the selfie workshop.

Like you, I wondered, “What makes a selfie ‘body positive’ instead of just a selfie?” Workshop leader Natasha Overton didn’t give me a cut-and-dried answer, but she gave a ton of tips for taking good selfies that I won’t want to delete . . . and that’s an answer right there. Here are some of her tips: [Read more…]

Off the Rack ~ Visiting Etaín Lingerie Boutique in Portland, Maine

I was on vacation in Maine last week, including spending a few days in Portland, where my husband and I ate and drank to our heart’s content. I hadn’t anticipated doing much shopping there, and I certainly didn’t expect to find a lingerie shop that carried anything for the full bust, but that’s exactly what I stumbled upon on my very first day there!

Etaín is a really lovely little shop carrying a wide range of brands and sizes, with a distinct perspective. Much to my delight, there was nary a “nude” bra in sight! There were bright colors and cheeky materials, brands both well known (Panache) and independent (Fortnight), and items to suit several needs (in addition to conventional bras, there were binders, loungewear, swim, and sport). It was a beautifully curated collection that somehow still managed to provide something for everyone despite the lack of boring basics.


Owner and manager Mackenzie Morris was on duty when I walked in the door, and she was exceedingly helpful. She knew the stock well, and knew the size range of each of the items I considered, which made trying a few new things a real pleasure. [Read more…]

Fitting Behind the Scenes for a Full Bust Photo Shoot

Since May, I’ve been reenergized about my shirt company, Campbell & Kate. After months of back and forth among patternmaker, grader and seamstress, my shirts are ready for busty women again. Now my website needed the same new energy.

The prospect of updating the images seemed completely unaffordable until I asked a professional model at my church if she knew any photographers who were just starting out. Not only did she know someone who would work with me, she volunteered to help, too!

With her encouragement, I assembled an amazing team, and two weeks ago it all came together. Today I’m sharing some behind-the-scenes fitting stories that I think you’ll find interesting. If you like the Campbell & Kate Facebook page or follow the new Campbell & Kate Instagram account, I’ll be sharing more pictures there.

We updated the images on the C&K website last Friday. If you’ve visited the site since then, you probably thought, “There is no way the model on the home page wears a D cup,” and you would be completely right. Ideally, every model that I use would have my customers’ bust-to-waist ratio. In this case, however, there was no way I was going to decline a professional model’s offer to give me her Saturday afternoon with no strings attached.

Not only does Maria Golob not wear a D cup bra, but she also wears a 00 dress size! We put her in a 2S shirt and addressed the bust line with breast enhancers (more on that below) and the waist line with a binder clip.

dsc06909 [Read more…]

A Big Bust 29 Prize Giveaway!

Leah’s on vacation, so let’s have a giveaway! We haven’t had one in ages. First I’ll describe what’s in the treasure chest below, and then I’ll give you the entry rules.


7 B·Saxxy Dresses from PJ Harlow

I reviewed this amazing full bust find last September, and B·Saxxy is still my favorite thing to wear after my Sunday morning shower.


B Saxxy bag

8 Freya Palm Pareos

We’re so focused on bust-sized swimwear that we never cover Eveden’s great accessories. The end of swim season doesn’t mean it’s the end of being able to wear this wrap. It’s a super versatile accessory that can be worn as a scarf or belt in cooler months.



7 Eucalan Goody Bags

I am very tempted to keep these because I LOVE washing my lingerie in Eucalan. It’s so easy, and it always smells pretty. Their stain-treating wipes are so great that I ordered a box of them at Curve last month to give as thank you gifts to my shirt customers.


2 Lilly & Lime Bikini Sets (Size-specific)

If you thought you spied a Lilly & Lime bikini top in my pile of treasures, you were right! Leah and I received review sets that, unfortunately, were too small in the cups. We try only to review pieces that don’t fit when we can describe the process of finding our proper size, but it was too daunting to ship these adorable sets to Australia for an exchange. Instead, we’ve decided to ship them to two lucky Hourglassy readers in the United States! On the left is the floral full cup top in 32FF and the nectarine full briefs in Australian size 14 (around a medium). On the right is the stripe underwire halter in 30G and the stripe full brief in Australian size 12.


1 Freya Fancies Bralette (Size-specific)

So many times I have been tempted to tear the tags off this lovely purple bralette  (size medium) and wear it around the house in the morning, but I already own and love my black Fancies bralette. For some reason it seems decadent to own two bralettes gifted to me by Eveden. Completely crazy of me, but completely lucky for one of you. It’s size medium. Leah reviewed hers here. My micro-review: super comfortable, and I forget that I’m not even wearing a regular bra. However, I would never wear it outside the house.


2 Tia Lynn Bralette and Panty Sets (Size-specific)

Gorgeous and sexy in super soft Modal. Everything is in size S. The panties fit, but the bralettes are a bit shallow. Amazing details.



1 Maison Lejaby Tanga (Size-specific)

These tanga bottoms in U.S. size XL/8 (French size 5) are decorated with Swarovski crystals along the ruching in back and at the hip points in front. The fabric is super soft. Sometimes I’m lucky with sizes that are included in a goody bag, and sometimes an Hourglassy reader gets all the luck instead!



1 Lou Piccadilly Thong (Size-specific)

How I wish I wore thongs. This is a size medium. dsc07123



The Rules

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Send an email to giveaway@hourglassy.com with “29 prizes” in the subject line. (By doing so, you agree to be subscribed to newsletters from Hourglassy and/or Campbell & Kate.)
  2. Answer these questions:
    1. If you want to win a size-specific prize, which prize do you want to win? (We’ll draw for these prizes first, after which anyone who didn’t win will be included in the drawing for non-sized prizes.)
    2. What is your biggest busty wardrobe challenge this fall, and how are you thinking of solving it? (Alternatively, how have you solved your biggest busty wardrobe challenge in the past?)
    3. Where do you spend most of your time on social media?
  3. The deadline for entering is 11:59 PM (Pacific time) on Friday, September 23.
  4. Prizes will only be shipped to addresses within the United States.
  5. Each entrant will be assigned a number that will be entered into a list randomizer at Random.org. For each drawing, the number at the top of the list will be the winner.
  6. Winners will be notified by email. If a winner does not respond within one week, a new winner will be chosen.