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DD Cup and Up Swim Brands: A. Ché and Janine Robin


Both brands say they only go to an F cup, but it’s worth second-guessing the sizing of any swimwear brand that claims to fit above a D.  For example, can you guess the bra sizes that the following models say they wear?

A. Ché  Model Bra Sizes

The A. Ché model on the left says that she wears a 32B. The A. Ché model on the right says that she wears a 34C. The company rep thought the model on the right should wear a 34D.

janine robin model bra size

The Janine Robin model says that she wears a 34C/32D.

Here’s some background information about each company.

 A. Ché

I only discovered A. Ché in Sarasota last year, but the company is in its fifth year, and it is a subsidiary of the bra manufacturing company Parisa, which has been in the business for 30+ years. Amanda Ché, the designer, is actually the daughter of Parisa’s owner, Amir Ché. The company is based in north L.A. All designing is done in California, and all manufacturing is done in China.

A. Ché uses sister sizing for the cups plus tie backs for the bands to reduce the amount of SKU’s required for all the possible band/cup combinations. Because the largest set of underwires will fit cup sizes D, DD, E and F, Amir Ché said that it is unlikely to accommodate a G or H cup.  Their size guide is confusing and seems to utilize +4″ for the band, so I tend to believe him that their suits won’t fit a British H. However, given the model’s reported bra sizes, I wouldn’t be surprised if FF and G cups could slip into their swimsuit tops.

a che back tie

Here’s a closeup of the tie back for one of the underwired bikini tops. The straps are wide at the shoulders and also removable. There is side boning.

A. Ché  shirred one piece

A. Ché  shirred one piece back

Janine Robin

I fell in love with this company the very first time I attended Curve, but I have yet to find their swimsuits in a store in the United States.  Janine Robin considers itself  “bra-fit oriented”, and their patterns go through a fit certification process. They’re a French company,  so you know the fit for a G+ is going to be sketchy, which is super sad because the attention to detail in these suits is super great. Just in case you find one of their suits, here’s why you should try it on in case it will fit:

    • hardware is a zinc alloy that won’t rust, absorb heat or break
    • all bikinis have adjustable straps
    • hand-sewn gathers along the underwire
    • foam cups that are water-resistant so that you’re not “wearing a sponge”
    • microfiber fabric = UV protection and quickly air dries
    • bottoms have a band at the waist that won’t give a muffin top or fold over (unless that’s the style)
    • bottoms “cup rather than cut the derriere”–they noticed that most women don’t need help with extra bulges in the front bikini leg area, so that is flat; instead, most women need help in the back, so the bikini leg is ruched there

janine robin blue bikini back

janine robin blue bikini front

janine robin taupe drape one piece

jainine robin blue one piece

Best Breasts Forward ~ Saving Lace


I am a creature of habit, especially when it comes to food, beauty products and clothing.  When I finally found the perfect bra for me, the Panache Andorra Full Cup (model 5675), I bought two.  For the past two years I have continued to purchase my beloved bra.  Unfortunately, I’ve had to buy them more often than I’d like because I’m tough on them.  I can be too heavy-handed when adjusting the girls, putting them into perfect Panache position–and because of this I put my thumb right through the bra’s beautiful lace.


Panache Andorra Full Cup Bra

Panache Andorra Full Cup Bra

Neanderthal thumb strikes again!

Neanderthal thumb strikes again!

After simply tossing out several of these beauties, I am determined to find a way to repair them.  I am no seamstress so I began scouring the internet. Thankfully the Google goddess was looking over me, and I have found the solution on the Fashion Preserve blog. This 2009 post gives simple, step by step instructions on how to mend lace and includes photos of the procedure.  She applies the technique to a lace sleeve, but it seems as though it could be used on most lace garments, including my Andorra. No more tossing money in the garbage just because I have really strong thumbs!


Corporate Curves Report (Holiday Edition): Strapless Deco Longline Review


I normally don’t write underwear reviews as so many people do it so well already. This time I’m making an exception as I was delighted at how well supported and put together I felt when I went out to celebrate the start of my holiday with some friends. It was my first time ever that I opted to wear a white dress with just spaghetti straps.

GinaTricot dress with a Marimekko necklace.

Gina Tricot dress with a Marimekko necklace.

While it is currently even somewhat fashionable to have your bra or bra straps visible, I felt like I wanted the dress to show as it was. When I tried the dress on at Gina Tricot I was wearing my Freya Deco Honey Firecracker set and both the bra and the bottoms shone through the fabric. But then I remembered that, “Hey! I do own a Deco Shape longline strapless bra and high waisted shaping brief set in ivory that I’ve never worn!”

Fryea Deco Shape Moulded Strapless Longline Bra

Fryea Deco Shape Moulded Strapless Longline Bra

Freya Deco Shape High Waisted Shaping Brief

Freya Deco Shape High Waisted Shaping Brief

Sure enough, it did not show through the white dress so it was a go. What I loved about the bra is that it has a five hook back fastening so it feels super secure. I needed to ask my boyfriend to hoist it up at the back, but it then stayed put all night.

Five hook back fastening, the bra comes with detachable straps.

Five hook back fastening, the bra comes with detachable straps.

A strapless bra is never quite the same, but it is remarkable how well it does give a close to normal Deco shape. Some might complain that it is so moulded but for me it just makes it feel more secure. However there is one gripe: it looks like a longline on the model but it really isn’t. It’s not like a normal bra either, but not as long as I would expect a longline to be. But it doesn’t really bother me.

As all Decos, this goes up to GG cup, which I wear, but the bottom of the cup collapses slightly due to the weight of the bust. Luckily it doesn’t show.

Why did I feel so super delighted to be wearing this set? Well, normally whenever I wear a shaping bottom I kinda feel like I’m wearing granny panties. I’ve also had issues where tights tend to slide down over the shaping brief. With this set, it felt like I was wearing a gorgeous romantic vintage-y set. No seams showed through the dress and the tights stayed put over the bottom.

Black version shows more clearly to gorgeous pattern.

Black version shows more clearly to gorgeous pattern.

The briefs aren’t super slimming but more like secure and put together, and they help to achieve a seam-free smooth line. My experience was good enough that now I’m considering ordering this slip version of the same set.

Freya Deco Shape Underwired Strapless Slip

Freya Deco Shape Underwired Strapless Slip

The slip might be useful also with office dressing while for my personal use the strapless bras are more holiday and party use. During the summer I use them quite often with strappy tops and strapless sun dresses. It also feels liberating sometimes to give my shoulders a well deserved break.