Miss Candyfloss ~ Roxy & Olive Tops Reviewed

More Miss Candyfloss! My favorite brand had a 20% off coupon for Black Friday, so I placed another order. I’ve now collected several dresses and a bunch of different tops. This week, I’m reviewing two long-sleeved tops, and I’ll follow up with more of them in future posts.

In my first review of a MCF top—the Margit-Ilene—I found the size medium a little clingier than I really prefer. The “underbust” seam was also distinctively on top of breast tissue, and the fabric was stretched taut so that I lost some of the pleating details. So this time, I went with size large and crossed my fingers it wouldn’t be too large.

Well I’m so glad I did, and I’ll be buying size large in stretch jersey tops from MCF from now on! For reference, I measure 37”-29”-41”.

First up is the Roxy-Lee top with fox-print trim:

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Celebrity D Cup and Up List: Simone Missick

She plays soon-to-be super hero Misty Knight on the Netflix Marvel series Luke Cage, but Simone Missick is a real life super hero in my book. I don’t know how else to explain the lift that everyone in the audience felt after listening to her interview with InHerShoes blogger Renae Bluitt in Harlem last month.

In the show, Misty Knight has a killer body, but other than the amazing blue dress that highlights her fabulous bust in the first episode, the writing focuses entirely on her policing skills. That’s refreshing. Unfortunately, with the exception of the blue dress, her on-camera full-bust wardrobe is not refreshing. The costume designer could have shopped the closet of any Hourglassy reader to clothe her (or at least readers’ closets before big bust brands became available.)


In real life, Simone Missick is a breath of fresh air for full-busted fashion. Here are some of the photos that I didn’t use in my C&K blog post about her. It makes me want to play detective to learn where she shops and how she achieves such incredible fit. [Read more…]

Off the Rack ~ Shopping for Bridesmaid Dresses

A few weeks ago, I visited my longest friend to look for bridesmaid dresses for her wedding in Chicago next fall. I’ve been a bridesmaid only once before, when I was the maid of honor at my sister’s wedding. But she selected dresses from J. Crew so we all mail-ordered our dresses separately without ever meeting up or trying anything on. So this was the first time I’ve ever really gone shopping for a bridesmaid dress.

There’s definitely a reputation for this activity being awful, but I had a total blast! The group included a variety of body shapes, sizes, and heights, so everyone was sensitive to personal comfort and lingerie needs.

The wedding is a super fancy black-tie affair in September, so we were looking for long dresses in dark colors with “something special.” We went to two local boutiques. One had more conventional dresses but excellent customer service, while the other had what I thought were nicer offerings, but our consultant wasn’t very good. Additionally, the second shop didn’t allow photography, so I only have real photos from the first place.

I’ll give an overview of some of the styles I tried on and then share my final thoughts. I think this first group was all dresses by the brand Dessy:

The rack from which we were selecting.

The rack from which we were selecting.

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Full Bust Finds: Crinkle Pleated Fabric

If “crinkle pleated fabric” brings to mind a shapeless jacket from Chico’s, bear with me. The other day a neighbor gave away some clothes, and I found this blazer in her pile.


The neighbor is very slender, and the jacket looked small even though the tag said medium. The only way I could see it fitting was if the crinkle pleated fabric expanded over my chest. I brought it home to try, and my theory proved correct! [Read more…]