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As mentioned in my previous post, my bra size shot up two cups (UK 30G to 30H) within two weeks of me becoming pregnant. Even though I know it’s likely my size will change again, I need at least a few bras that fit. But I also don’t have any opportunity to try bras on in person now that I don’t live in NYC any more. As I was browsing bras on Amazon, though, I noticed that many of them are part of Amazon Prime’s “Try Before You Buy” program, in which they send you several garments without charging your credit card, then you send back whatever doesn’t work and get charged for the items you keep.

This turned out to be an absolutely perfect solution to my dilemma! Amazon allowed me to receive six bras. I kept it limited to the brand Freya and size UK 30H. Freya has always been one of the best-fitting (though not perfect) British brands for me, so I figured it would be a sure thing. Well…sort of. I kept one bra and was close to keeping two others, but ultimately decided to only keep the one that fit perfectly and also seemed like it could last through a little size fluctuation. Here is the complete list of bras I tried with fit notes:

First up, the keeper! This is the “Starlight” underwire balcony side support bra in the color “Pure Water.” First impression was that I loved the color! Second impression was that I loved the fit!Starlight features four-part cups, something you don’t see every day with Freya (usually it’s three-part cups). In my size, this is a full-coverage bra with a high gore. Each breast is fully enclosed with ample separation and there is no visible cleavage. The top cup edge is closed in and doesn’t stretch, yet the cups are tall enough (miracle!) that I don’t get tissue pillowing.

The cups are pretty generous, with substantial depth and a nice, round shape. I get basically no cup-crushing at the wire (another miracle)! And there’s just a wee bit of empty volume on my smaller side, which means this bra should be able to accommodate size fluctuation up to a certain point. The wires are just a touch wider than I need.

There are three rows of hooks and eyes and the straps are thick. This is definitely not a dainty bra, but rather a utilitarian choice. However, its sheerness and pale color makes it seem lighter. The width of the straps seems average and the wings scoop nice and low in the underarm, so I get no digging or rubbing at all. The solid wings are lined in mesh, but the rest of the bra is unlined, so it feels light on the body. Overall, the bra is super comfy.

Next up is the “Wildside” underwire plunge bra, which I almost kept. It fit very well, but with no stretch to the fabric and no extra cup space at all, it just didn’t seem like a good investment considering that my size will probably keep changing throughout pregnancy.Here are the fit notes I made when I tried it on:

  • Stretchy band, slightly loose
  • 2 hooks
  • Unlined
  • Slightly narrower wires (but still wider than I need)
  • Classic Freya profile (rounded but natural shape)
  • Tiny bit of pillowing on bigger boob
  • Medium to low gore (not plunge) yet doesn’t poke breast tissue too bad
  • Gore tacks pretty well, but not all the way
  • Normal strap thickness
  • Narrower set straps in front, no digging
  • Straps a little wide-set in back
  • Slightly lower wing scoop, no digging

Next is the “Viva Lace” underwire side support bra. This is another that I considered keeping. The soft straps, stretch lace upper cup edge, comfy band, and low underarms were so nice, but ultimately the cup shape and wires just didn’t work on me.



  • 3 hooks
  • Stretchy band (good thing!)
  • Unlined except for triangle right outside the underwire
  • Stretch lace cup edge
  • Wires too wide
  • Cups not tall enough
  • Medium-height gore (boo!)
  • Gore does not tack and thus pokes into breast tissue worse
  • Some pillowing
  • Slightly pointy and downward-pointing shape
  • Maybe could go up a cup…but the wires are already so wide
  • Super-soft straps
  • Slightly wide-set straps
  • Straps not digging
  • Low underarms, no digging (fabulous!)

The remaining bras were ones that I absolutely did not consider keeping.

I had high hopes for the “Soiree Lace” padded plunge bra, since I get along much better with a plunging gore than mid-height, but it was not meant to be.

  • 2 hooks
  • Lightly foam-lined
  • Tight band
  • Lower gore
  • Normal strap thickness
  • Wires too wide and tall
  • Wings too tall, straps too wide-set (digging into armpits)
  • Cups seem true to size
  • Very rounded shape
  • Some pillowing

Another attempt at a plunge cut was the “Expression” underwire plunge bra, which was lighter and thinner than “Soiree Lace,” but again was a mediocre fit on me.



  • 2 hooks
  • Tight band
  • Thick straps
  • Very soft lace & lining
  • Mesh lining in bottom of cup, unlined top panel
  • Medium height gore (worst placement for me)
  • Slightly small in cups (pillowing on both sides)
  • Cups not tall enough
  • Wires too wide
  • Straps too wide-set, rubbing armpits
  • Wing height okay, not rubbing

And lastly, we come to the “Daisy Lace” underwire balcony bra. As with many black bras, this one ran tighter in the band and I would’ve needed to size up in band if I wanted to keep it. But there were enough fit flaws on my shape that I saw no need to try another size.



  • 3 hooks
  • Thick straps
  • Unlined except for wings and upper lace section
  • Upper cup portion has no stretch and the edge is very closed
  • Cups aren’t quite tall enough for me
  • Results in pillowing on bigger boob
  • Extremely pointy shape, almost like a bullet bra
  • Medium to high gore, only pokes bigger boob a tiny bit
  • Gore tacks perfectly
  • Tight band, would need to exchange for a size up
  • Wires too wide
  • Straps not too wide, no digging or rubbing
  • Reasonable scoop under the arm, no rubbing
  • Strap placement feels a bit wide-set in back