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Since I expect my size to keep changing during pregnancy, I’ve been reluctant to invest in too many wired bras. As you saw in my last two posts, I’ve only bought a couple new ones. I also ordered a few second-hand (Panache “Jasmine,” Panache wired sports bra, and a Comexim padded plunge). But in summer when you sweat a lot more, that isn’t really enough. In winter, I can get away with washing my bras only occasionally, but once that summer under-boob sweat starts creeping up the underwire, my bras go straight to that laundry basket after just one wear.

So instead of buying loads more wired bras that I’ll just outgrow (in fact, I’m already up another cup size to 30HH now!), I’ve purchased quite a few wire-free bralettes. Since they’re stretchy and more flexible than wired bras, I can comfortably wear them through multiple cup sizes. So here are the ones I’m living in these days.

First up is an old favorite that Darlene previously reviewed, the Evelyn & Bobbie “Defy” bra in size small.

This miracle item has flatlock seams and no adjusters, yet somehow it provides fabulous support and shape. The fabric is super-smooth and is woven with different tensile strength at different points to create the support without elastic or wires (more stretch at the cup, less stretch at the band and back, etc.). Technically, the size chart indicates that it only fits up to a 7”–11” difference (depending on your measurements) between underbust and bust, but I’m still wearing it as a sleep bra with a current 12” difference.

I used to wear the Defy as a daily bra at size UK 30G, but at 30HH, it doesn’t really have enough coverage for that. There is substantial side-boob and the scoop neck exposes a lot of cleavage. But it’s really comfortable for sleeping! It basically just keeps my boobs close to the rest of my body so I’m not pulling on them or getting stuck to the sheets when I move around. And with no seams except for the flatlock ones at the top of the straps and side of the ribcage, there’s nothing to dig in to my skin.

Next is the “Flora” bralette from Bravissimo in size 32GG/H. This bralette comes in dual cup sizing. I initially tried the “Fern” comfort bra (which also comes in a nursing version!) in size 30H because I was nervous about the dual sizing and the Fern had such glowing reviews, but the band was a little too tight and the cups a little small on me, so I decided to go for the Flora after all, which has a higher neckline and wider straps.

Given my fit issues with Fern and the fact that I have very tall and full breasts (especially now), it’s not unusual for me to size up in bralettes to get enough coverage. So I went with 32GG/H. And it was the right call! I absolutely love this bra. It’s lined with power-mesh like a wired bra would be, the lace is on the firmer side, and it has a high enough neckline that it looks more like a crop top than a bra. The straps are nice and wide and the band has four rows of hooks and eyes.

One thing to note is that the straps are not adjustable and are pretty short. I usually have to shorten bra and dress straps quite a bit, and these straps are actually a tiny bit short even on me. So if you normally adjust your straps to be longer, you’ll want to skip this one. But you can try the “Zara” instead, which is the model on which this bra is based, only Zara has longer straps and less firm fabric.

My only quibble is that the extended lace of the band rolls up literally instantly. It doesn’t even wait until I start moving. But so far, I haven’t found it uncomfortable. There isn’t much separation in this bra (common with most wireless options), but the cups and band are extremely supportive. I wouldn’t hesitate to wear this one outside of the house. With my continued breast expansion, I’m on the verge of needing the next size up and absolutely plan to buy another one very soon!

Finally, we have two Curvy Kate bralettes, the “Lace Daze” and the “Get Up and Chill”, both in size 30J/JJ.

Before I was pregnant, I owned both these bras in size 30H/HH. Though I was a size 30G at the time, when I tried these in 30G/GG, the cups were too small in the cups (tall, full boobs strike again!). Once I figured out the best size, though, I loved these bras. So naturally, I had to buy replacements when I grew bigger. Unfortunately, J/JJ is the biggest cup size they come in and I’m starting to outgrow that, so I may have to retire them soon or size up in the band to get a bigger cup.

Now let’s get into the details, starting with Lace Daze:

How amazing is this color?? It’s called Mango, and I couldn’t agree more. It’s so sunny and juicy! The cups are triangular, reaching pretty high up on the shoulder (perfect for me!) with a deep plunge. The traditional straps are fully adjustable.

The fabric is stretchy but not loose, so the fit is quite flexible while still offering good support. And the seam at the center gore allows for a little separation. I also really like the band edging—it looks like elastic in photos, but it’s actually really soft and doesn’t dig in or roll up.

Moving on to Get Up and Chill:

This one is also quite stretchy, which gives a comfy, flexible fit. It also features the same great band edging. But the similarities stop there. Get Up is made of an opaque microfiber fabric with stretch mesh on the inner part of the cup. The gore comes up a little higher, but has a cute keyhole at the center that adds breathability and also creates a bit of separation.

The straps are only partially adjustable, finishing with a strip of mesh in back where they meet the bra band for more of a leotard shape. With both of these bras, the straps are narrow-set enough that there’s no threat of them falling off, something I encounter with Curvy Kate’s wired bras.

With both these bras, the lift is impressive for a stretchy, wireless bralette. It’s not as good as wires, of course, and if I start sweating at all, they really soak up the moisture and hold it for a long time. But at least they can be thrown in the wash with my usual laundry since there’s no wires or delicate fabric to get damaged!