Today, I’m bringing you a review of a Mirror Mirror Moda maxi dress. Longtime readers will know how much Hourglassy loved the brand “Bolero” and how devastated we were when they closed up shop. So we were thrilled to hear that founder Patricia resurrected her clothing line as “Mirror Mirror Moda” several months ago, including bringing back some Bolero favorites and adding plenty of new styles too, all with the same great big-bust-friendly fit we expect and made in the USA.

If you follow Hourglassy on Instagram, you may have seen several Bolero/Mirror Mirror styles in my “maternity OOTD” series in our stories. I’ve been wearing all my old Bolero dresses in sizes small and medium throughout my pregnancy without needing to size up. This maxi is no exception—I’m wearing size medium at 34 weeks and bra size 32HH (UK) in these photos (now up to 36 weeks and bordering on 32J today!). By the way, stick around to the end (or just scroll down there now) to find a Mirror Mirror coupon!

Here are some photos from all different angles, followed by written details:

As always with Mirror Mirror, this dress features pockets, stretch fabric, a creative print, and clever design. It’s not panels of differently printed fabric, but rather a fabric that has built-in dual coordinating prints, which Patricia has then laid out such that the center has a flattering strip up the front; the bust and backside are each one single part of the print; and the sleeves are cut to feature a border. It’s obvious that a lot of thought went into this design.

The dress also offers flutter sleeves and “cold shoulder” cutouts. To be honest, I don’t normally care for the cold-shoulder style, but it’s pretty subtle here and the straps are wide enough and placed such that they cover bra straps of any style.

Moving on to my favorite part…The bust has a unique and really interesting construction. The panel is cut so that the center folds inside itself and is attached where the bodice portion meets the skirt. Here’s a close-up photo, followed by the same one but with pink lines drawn on to demonstrate the interior structure:

I also appreciate that the front of the skirt is only gathered under that center section. This leaves plenty of room for my belly, but also lays flat on non-pregnant people with minimal added volume. So it manages to be flattering on two entirely different shapes!

Most of the actual dedicated maternity clothing I’ve tried has been pitifully small and short in the bust or looks like a big sack (or both!). I’ve found that truly the best-fitting options are simply the full-bust brands we already know and love. You just have to be a little strategic about selecting dresses and tops that either have a full skirt or gathering/ruching or are simply made of very bouncy, stretchy fabric to accommodate your growing belly. And Mirror Mirror is easily one of the top brands for this!

By the way, to thank their customers for their loyalty and to celebrate Thanksgiving, Mirror Mirror is offering a 20% discount off your entire purchase with the code THANKFUL through November 30, 2023!