Apologies for the lack of posts lately, readers! I was totally out of commission all of last week up through the middle of this week while recovering from a minor medical procedure.

My husband and I are freezing embryos. The process entails medication that causes the woman’s body to host a whole bunch of eggs all at once, which are then harvested, fertilized, tested for genetic anomalies, and then frozen for future use. During the last two days of the medication cycle and for several days after egg retrieval, I had excruciating cramps on and off all day every day, basically had to stay on the couch with a heating pad sucking down ibuprofen all day, and took plain hot water baths when the pain ramped up to its maximum several times a day.

In addition to all that, my boobs just about exploded. They expanded at least a whole cup size and got really sensitive. Thank goodness for my Sugar Candy wireless bra (reviews HERE), which was all I could wear during the day, and my Evelyn & Bobbie “Defy” crop top (review HERE), which I wore at night to keep my chest contained. (The only position in which I could sleep was flat on my back. Without the Defy bra, the increased weight of my boobs splayed out to the sides onto my arms would cause my hands to fall asleep!)

Anyhow, I finally feel back to normal minus some slight bloating that’s still sticking around (guess there’s still some fluid in my abdomen yet to be reabsorbed into the rest of my body). Just in time to thank our monthly patrons! This month, we have one person to thank:


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Look out for the rest of our (slightly delayed) Curve Expo coverage starting next week. Thanks for sticking with us!