Back to Curve Expo! This week, we feature luxury French brand Empreinte. I’ve never tried Empreinte lingerie, but Darlene raves about it, and I absolutely love the fit and styling of the Empreinte “Star” bikini that I reviewed last fall and then wore several times this past spring and summer.

For spring/summer 2022, Empreinte describes the collection as “about a delicate femininity with a bohemian vibe.” As always, you’ll find high-quality yet soft and delicate lace, this time in shades of “delicate and cheerful pinks, as well as delightful blues to brighten the essential Natural, Licorice, and Indigo colorways.”

Empreinte is a French brand and thus uses single-letter sizing. All bras go up to at least a G cup, and some offer up to H, which in theory is approximately a UK FF. However, French brands are known for featuring deeper cups than UK brands and the difference from cup to cup is not a one-to-one conversion with UK sizes, so my French 30G Star bikini top fits my UK 30G boobs just fine. Until you familiarize yourself with Empreinte’s fit, I’d suggest trying a couple different sizes in your first order.

Anyhow, here are the new styles of lingerie coming out for spring/summer 2022:

The Louise series is being released in a new periwinkle shade called “Provence.” The full-cup bra comes in 32-46, up to G; and the low-necked bra comes in 30-42, up to G.
The classic Cassiopée is offered in “Dragée,” a multidimensional pale pink. Both the seamless full-cup bra and the spacer bra come in 30-42, up to G.
The Thalia range (in “Rose Indien”) now includes a microfiber jacquard fabric version. The full-cup bra come sin 32-48, up to H cups; and the low-necked bra in 30-42, up to H.
Allure, made of French leaver’s lace, is arriving in purple. This underwire seamless bra comes in 30-42, up to G.
Considered Empreinte’s “basic” collection, Romy is available in “Natural” (ivory), “Reglisse” (between dark gray and dark brown), and “Amande” (seen here). The full-cup bra is offered in 32-46, up to H; and the low-necked bra in 30-42, up to G.
Finally, Eden combines vintage-style embroidery and floral-patterned fabric. This is the “Indigo” shade. A full-cup bra is offered in 32-46, up to G; and the low-necked bra in 30-42, up to G.
This is Eden in the “Paradise” pastel shade.

Moving on to swimwear, this collection “heralds the exhilaration of a new-found sweetness in life and pays tribute to nature’s rejuvenating and energizing qualities.” In short, you’ve got bright colors and optimistic prints, as always presented through Empreinte’s signature eye for elegance. There are a few more sets than what I’m sharing here, but I thought the following ones are the standouts:

The new “Structure” collection features a “plant-inspired texture.” It’s a bit hard to see in these photos, but it’s essentially a crinkly vertical-lined texture. I got to see and feel this in real life, and really liked it. I also think the color choices are deliciously juicy and vibrant. This underwire, bandeau-esque top comes in 30-40, up to G cups.
This is the same top as the green one above, but I wanted to show off the sunny yellow color. The collection also comes in black, and includes an underwire three-part cup top in size 32-44, up to G, as well as three styles of bottoms, three one-piece swimsuits, trousers, and a long open-front tunic.
My other favorite set is the “Flower” collection. It’s another selection of bright, happy colors. The little flower attachment on the strap gives it a touch of whimsy. This halter top in “Flame” comes in size 30-40, up to G. It looks very similar in fit to my beloved Star bikini!
The Flower collection also includes this three-part cup bikini top with a split strap on one side (where the flower is attached). It comes in 30-40, up to G. There are also three bottom styles and a one-piece swimsuit.