2020 seemed to be the year of the bralette, and in 2021, it’s clear the trend is here to stay. With the lockdown, we all craved softness and comfort, and many full bust brands have upped their game to follow the trend. Bravissimo is among them with a now sizable roundup of comfy bralettes and sleep bras. Among those, the Zara bralette has been a fan favorite for quite some time, and you can find a few reviews. The Jade bralette, which has been here for a couple of seasons, has passed more under the radar. I got the first edition, in lilac, and have been rather impressed with it.


Fit-wise, I find it superior to the Zara. It is more true to size and comes in individual band-cup sizes like a wired bra. I feel like it strikes the perfect balance between giving enough coverage for proper support and being delicate enough to qualify as a bralette. Unlike the Zara, it features adjustable straps, which makes a big difference if you have a short torso like me.


Although it fastens at the back like a normal bra, the band is not as deep as the Zara, with two hooks instead of four, and the straps are also much thinner. I still find it very comfortable in a 34G, but I might feel differently if I wore a 38H. Don’t get me wrong, it’s comfy enough that I’ve even slept in it on occasion. However, I am slightly more aware of the weight of my breasts wearing it, than the Zara, which feels almost like a longline.


I got the original Violet model, which is a cute lilac shade. It is no longer available in most sizes, but whatever is left is now on sale. Orange is my happy color, so I love the current Orange model. My only beef with both is the beige lining. We’ve come a long way with nude options for women of color, but beige lining is still very often used to get a sheer effect. I love a sheer bra, but on my skintone, this just doesn’t work and I really wish they would have opted for a matching lining or no lining at all. I almost sent the bra back for that reason, but I’m glad I kept it in the end, as it gives a great shape and can easily be worn outside of the house. I’m amazed at how many wireless options have popped up since I’ve bought this bras and I’ll be sure to review more in the future!