Disclosure: This dress was received as a review sample. All opinions are my own and based entirely on my experience.

It’s another new season, which means it’s time for another Bolero Style review! One of Hourglassy’s favorite brands, you can see all our previous Bolero coverage HERE.

This time, I’m sharing a new style, the Multiwear Dress. It’s a super clever design in which you can swap out part of it for different fabrics and lengths to get a totally different look!

I first saw this dress on the Bolero Instagram, and completely fell in love! The black and yellow made me think of bumblebees, the full skirt fulfilled my preferred vintage aesthetic, and the wrap style greatly intrigued me—I find that wrap dresses usually are not bust-friendly despite the fact that fashion magazines always call them “universally flattering,” but I knew Bolero would find a way to make it fit well.

I measure 38”-29.5”-42”, height 5’6”, and bra size UK 28GG/30G. I’m wearing a Cleo by Panache “Marcie” bra in size 28GG in these photos, and I take a size small in Bolero due to the stretch and excellent fit (vs. medium or large in most “off-the-rack” brands).

To be honest, I didn’t even realize this dress could be worn in different ways with different pieces. Even when Bolero founder Patricia explained it to me, I didn’t quite understand—until I received the dress in the mail and found that she had not only sent the yellow piece I requested, but also a short polka-dot piece too!

So how does the dress work? The black base is a one-sleeved dress that leaves one breast uncovered, but includes a full skirt with pockets. Then you select your topper, which can be a short peplum or a full-length skirt (also with a pocket!), which ties on the side. The skirt can have a straight hem or asymmetrical. You can also choose a different color base and the top can have straps or any sleeve length you prefer. Here’s an example of a yellow base, short sleeves, and an asymmetric hem:

The base dress curves under the bust rather than going straight to your waist. This keeps your cleavage covered, unlike a conventional true wrap dress that goes straight to the waist and then gets pulled wide open by your boobs.

Here are more photos of both looks, plus some action shots of me tying both toppers on:

And a closeup of the top half so you can see the fit more clearly. I added a skinny red belt to match my lipstick and cinch in the waist a little more. I also probably should have worn a bra with smoother texture, as you can see some bumps from the lace trim and seams:

Here is also a closeup of the three different fabrics. The black is a smooth, medium-weight jersey; polka dots are a super soft, slightly lighter weight jersey (the same feel and weight of the bodice on the “Timeless Christmas” [https://hourglassy.com/2020/12/off-the-rack-reviewing-the-bolero-timeless-christmas-dress/] Bolero dress that I raved about); and the yellow is a medium-weight textured jersey. All have the same level of stretch, so they move together evenly, wash beautifully, and don’t wrinkle.

In fact, I’d say this dress would be a perfect travel choice, since, in addition to being wrinkle-free, you can pack a bunch of half-dresses to save space in your suitcase while still wearing a different outfit every day.

Finally, I couldn’t resist taking a little slow-motion video to show off how twirly the skirt is—even with the weight of two layers of fabric:

To customize your own Multiwear dress, you can browse all the fabrics throughout the Bolero site, then use the contact form to send them your request.