It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. One thing keeping me busy is a new shirt dress I’m creating. You can follow our progress in this Facebook album.

For the longest time I put this project off because the product development details overwhelmed me. But life is short, and I want a shirt dress! So instead of beginning with a professional pattern maker and a fit model and worrying about getting everything Just Right for production, I’m beginning with a prototype just for me. If my tailor and I can create something that I want to wear, then we’ll develop the production pattern and grade it for clients. If not, I’ll have a closet full of imperfect shirt dress samples to wear–not a bad outcome!

Speaking of imperfect, I actually really like our first prototype for a lot of reasons, but you can see where I’m stuck in this video. I know a lot of you sew and are familiar with full bust adjustments. How would YOU address this issue? I got a good suggestion when I posted this on Facebook, and I’m curious to see what you guys have to say–don’t look at the Facebook answer first!

Update May 17, 2021: THANK YOU for your feedback. I took it with me to my tailor on Saturday, and she pinned and marked me up as you see below. Fingers crossed the next samples is better. I’m also posting a closeup of the pattern because I think it’s so intriguing that the side panels look straight, but the actual pieces are curved for the bust.