Several weeks ago, Hourglassy was contacted by a luxury lingerie brand I’d never heard of before, Edge o’ Beyond. I was excited to learn that they offer bras up to UK H cups. However, I was at first very confused by their sizing system, which comes in numbers 1 – 10, with each number representing a series of sister sizes. How could one bra fit four different bands??

Turns out, the bands are adjustable too! Once I got a good eyeful of the designs in the lookbook, I was actually really intrigued and felt I had to share this brand with Hourglassy readers.

Here are the backsides of two bras, Zuzia (left) and Mima, so you can see how the bands adjust. They’re made up of multiple straps that then meet in the center with a standard set of hooks and eyes.

Now, I haven’t tried these bras myself, so I can’t speak to the fit, but I think the product is so innovative on paper that I wanted to write about it anyway. (I’m receiving no compensation for doing so, by the way!)

As for back story, Edge o’ Beyond (EOB) is a black-owned, British luxury lingerie brand that aims to be size-inclusive and to account for women’s changing bodies due to weight fluctuations, the menstrual cycle, etc. The models include women of varying skin tones, shapes, even a pregnant model—and there’s minimal Photoshopping, keeping freckles, stretch marks, tattoos, etc. intact. I really appreciate this photography choice. When it comes to spending money on a luxury product, this adds a level of trust that makes me feel more comfortable making a purchase.

EOB is designed in London and created in Wales using embroidery and gold-plated hardware crafted in France. As well, they offer a collection of body jewelry designed to be worn with the lingerie. The jewelry is surprisingly affordable (ranging from £25 to £100), and is something I would consider incorporating into my everyday wear, rather than just under my clothes.

The lingerie itself, by the way, is beautiful! The colors, embroideries, and hardware are incredibly pretty and feminine. Here are some of my favorites from the Spring/Summer 2021 collection (available now!):

How stinking cute are the silk Jenny (left) and Natasha babydolls? Note that these are one-size-fits-all and do not have built-in cups.
Adaora is a pretty pink embroidery on top of illusion tulle that complements basically any skin tone.
Charlotte comes in your choice of red or gold embroidered roses that I think are really beautiful.
Tia is a cage bra with tan illusion tulle base and sunshine yellow eyelash lace. How can this sunny set not make you smile?
Finally, we come to my favorite, the Zuzia set. This yellow, bright blue, and green butterfly embroidery with subtle pink flowers and black accents is just so pretty. How painful it’d be to keep it hidden away under your clothes!

There are so many more styles from this season and seasons past on the EOB website that are incredibly pretty, edgy, and sexy. It’s fun to browse even if you’re not in the market for some luxury lingerie!