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Besides my delay in finally bringing these to you, there’s another reason I’m calling these the “lost” February roundups: far fewer samples made it to production this year. Retailers may not have placed wholesale orders, or they may have canceled them. We’ll be seeing “old” inventory for a while as stores try to sell what they have in order to afford to bring in new product. Some bras meant to launch in exciting new colors are now only available in “safe” colors that retailers know they can move.

The Allure is a new seamless bra from Empreinte made from leavers lace on 200 year old looms. I love this bra in jade, but I can only find it in black online. The gold edges also look amazing on the black.

There are a ton of photos that I’m going to share with you, but probably not a lot of text. If there’s a piece you’d like to know more about, just ask, and I’ll check my notes and look books or ask the brand. With so many of us working from home in non-wired bras (a double hit for classic full bust bra manufacturers), it may be hard to get excited about the wired beauties I’ll be showing you, but you may also feel the same stirrings that I felt as I looked at them. These images make me want to wake up and wear beautiful things again!

The Fantasie Envisage is the most basic possible new everyday seamed bra with clever rings that slant toward the center of the back to protect against strap slippage. I can’t find it anywhere online.
I’m so impressed by the Panache Sculptresse line that I’m making it a separate post from Panache and Cleo. However, I can find very few of these pieces in stores. Let’s hope Panache continues to develop great pieces for this line.
Brands that have their own ecommerce site, like Playful Promises, tend to offer the pieces that they showed at Curve.