For a refresher on why Curve roundups are different this year, visit this post.

This year, Anita and Rosa Faia are at the top of my “to try” list for 2 reasons: (1) their new sports bra and (2) the kicked-in back of some of their styles (which evidently isn’t new, but I only discovered in February).

This is Anita’s Extreme Control Plus sports bra, available in European sizes 30-48 F-H and 30-40 I-K. It became available in April.
Anita’s sports bras use both compression and encapsulation. The compression gives what I call a frog-like profile, but if the support and comfort are excellent, I’ll take it.
This double strap combo is meant to contribute to stable support. The cups are made of five sections, but there are no seams on the skin. There are “cooling zones” throughout the bra as well.
This is my favorite–feminine, simple, pretty. The Rosa Faia Emily in the limited edition color “moonlight blue” came out in July. The 4 part cup (style 5202 C3) comes in F-J cups in 30-42 bands.
Here is the “European kicked in back” I mentioned. It avoids a bigger back and keeps the straps from falling off shoulders without having do do a ballet back. Also, there’s no need for a J-hook.
The lace edge stretches.
Emily also comes in white, black, champagne, cherry, and patriot blue.
Rosa Faia Selma came out in this limited edition emerald in July. It’s also available in black, white, navy, and blush. Style #5635 C3 is available in F-J cups and 30-42 bands.
More of the kicked in back.
The Rosa Faia Abby, with its Chantilly-look French lace, is a new range that became available in September. Style #5216 C3 is available in F-J cups and 32-42 bands. There’s a molded version (5217 C2) available to an H cup in 32-40 bands. It’s currently available in red and black.
This is Anita’s air control DeltaPad sports bra and leggings. It’s meant to offer maximum support, and various features contribute to breathability (cut-out sections on the sides and bottom, ultra-light mesh, foam, etc.). This limited edition zebra print is available to a G cup in 32-38 bands, and the remaining colors in this style are available to an H in 32-36 bands as well as to a G in 32-38 bands.
The leggings have interior nodules for compression and to help move lymphatic fluid–great to wear on long flights when we can finally take them again.