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There’s a lot of tension in the air today, and I’m sorry for piling on with sad news about the lingerie industry in my intro to the lost roundups. That’s why I’m leading off with beautiful Aubade . . . escapist lace and embroidery to cheer and distract you! More good news: I’ve been able to find almost every piece online.

Aubade details always make me fall in love with lingerie again. For each bra below, I give the style #’s that include G cups, but you can also look for the word “comfort” if stores omit the style numbers on their sites. I explained Aubade’s comfort styles here. I find that both Aubade’s and Empreinte’s cup sizes run deep, so don’t discount them simply because they use European sizing.

La Belle Galante in Rose Blossom. The half cup that goes to a G is style #QB14-02; the full cup that goes to a G is QB13.
La Belle Galante also comes in Noir Phoenix, which is easier to find in stores.
Fievre Andalouse comes in Carmen (pictured) and Boheme (below). Look for style #QC14-02 for their half-cup that goes to a G.
Danse des Sense is pictured here in Eau de Rose and is also permanently available in opale (white) and black. Look for style #OG14-6-02 for the half-cup that goes to a G.
Encre de Chine (translated “India Ink”) was created together with artist Hong Wai, who paints “ethereal designs” in India ink. It is available in Ombre. Look for style #QF14-02 for the half cup that goes to a G.
The band that decorates the neckline is elasticated and removable.