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Quick fit/sizing notes for your reference! I am 5’7″ tall and I am reviewing the Panache Sport in 32H. I usually wear a 30HH, but the band on this bra can run tight. The band fits perfectly on the loosest hook!

I have owned the underwire version of the Panache Sport before, in 2014, between having my first and second children. I loved this bra then! It was so comfortable that I frequently wore it when I wasn’t exercising. Since my second child was born, I’ve worn a Freya Active sports bra instead (I think I was sized out of the Panache Sport for a while and that’s what prompted the switch). I was excited to try the Panache Sport again and thought I knew what to expect from it: excellent lift, virtually no bounce, comfortable silicone-coated underwires, and no uncomfortable shifting while wearing it.

Well, most of those things turned out to be true. The Panache Sport is more or less the same as it was 5 years ago, with the exception of the variety of prints/colors! There are sooo many fun styles now! And I believe the size range has been extended slightly. Hooray!

What has changed in the past five years is my breasts. I’ve had two more babies since I last wore this bra. In case you didn’t already know, pregnancy and breastfeeding really do a number on your boobs. I currently have very soft, pendulous, full-on-bottom breasts. If you filled a sock with pudding, that would be a pretty accurate representation. Haha! This means that when I swoop and tuck, my breast tissue often folds funny within the cups of my bra (it’s not uncomfortable at all, just not what you’d see on a model), and I often have gaping at the top of my cups. For this reason, I gravitate toward soft cup bras that mold to my shape. With soft cup styles, the gaping at the top of my cups isn’t as noticeable and doesn’t become a fit problem. I do frequently wear the Freya Pure nursing bra, which does have a molded cup, but it is not rigid! So it still molds to my breast shape rather well.

I was aware of everything I listed above….but what I was NOT aware of until trying the Panache Sport again….is that my breasts are also two completely different cup sizes at the moment! My right breast is a full cup size smaller than my left. I think the softer cups that I tend to wear have disguised this fact from me. I knew there was a small size discrepancy, but the Panache Sport really emphasized just how drastic it is! The firm molding of this bra is not forgiving at all. The upside of this: you absolutely cannot tell that my smaller breast is swimming in inches of unfilled cup space just by looking at it! So aesthetically everything is fine as is.

When first received the bra and was exercising in it, my smaller breast shifted within its cup quite a bit. Jumping jacks were an interesting experience, let me tell you! Both breasts were contained, and it was not painful at all, but it did annoy me quite a bit. I was constantly thinking about my smaller breast and wondering if I needed to adjust it. I also tried wearing the bra for an extended period of time when I wasn’t exercising, and I did feel the need to adjust the bra somewhat frequently.

Enter: the silicone breast enhancer AKA “chicken cutlet”!

I purchased this set of silicone bra enhancers on Amazon (affiliate link). As you can see, they don’t quite fill the cup of the Panache Sport in 32H, even though I bought a “large” size. Here is a close up with a measuring tape to show the depth of the cup vs size of the silicone filler:

The fact that the silicone enhancer is so small compared to my breast size and the size of the bra cup does create some visual problems…however it also solves the bouncing issue! Let’s take a look at the visual problems first:

The above image illustrates how the silicone enhancer makes the breast profile less smooth. You can definitely tell it is in there!

The red boxes show where you can see the silicone enhancer, and where the top foam is buckling because there is still a gap up top. It puckers even on my “naturally full” side – since my breasts are bottom heavy, they simply don’t fill out the top of the cups. I wouldn’t want to size down though, because then I would run into the compression vs encapsulation issues that Leah discussed in her post about Panache Sport.

Ok, enough of the visual problems, because honestly…they don’t matter. You can’t see them when I’m wearing my workout clothes, and they don’t affect the function of the bra itself!

Can’t even tell the enhancer is making things a little lumpy!

I have been doing calisthenics (strength training using body weight as resistance) and Panache Sport performs perfectly during my workouts. The silicone enhancer holds my smaller side in place during jumping jacks, pushups, and everything else! I don’t notice the extra weight of the enhancer and it doesn’t seem to shift much. I wore the bra again for a day when I wasn’t exercising, and it was much more comfortable. I didn’t feel that I needed to adjust the bra as often with the enhancer there to fill in some of the extra space.

Overall, I am happy with the Panache Sport and still LOVE the silicone wires!

The one thing I wish I could find is a breast enhancer that’s made for larger breasts. I tried this silicone one in all of my other bras, to see if it would improve the fit, and the visual discrepancy is just toooo bad! Without the super stiff foam of this sports bra, it looks exactly like I shoved a silicone egg in my bra. Which I did . . . but I don’t need the rest of the world knowing it. Haha! Does anyone know of any other options for evening out larger breasts?