You’re getting two tries in one post today–on the left I’m wearing the Bravissimo longline padded coat in size US 10 Super Curvy, and on the right I’m wearing it in size US 8 Really Curvy. On the left I have lots of room, and on the right I have a shape!

Actually, on the right I have plenty of room, too. I tested it over a cardigan layered over a bulky sweater. Initially, I was very aware of being stuffed into the armholes, but eventually I was moving around freely without giving it a second thought.

The first size I tried was a US 12, which created a dramatic hip outline that my own hips couldn’t fill . When I tried the US 10 SC, I thought it was just right . . . until store supervisor Kayley convinced me to try the US 8RC. I could tell from her face that she liked this one better, and eventually I did, too. However, I liked her laidback approach to my choice–there was no right or wrong here, just “whatever makes you comfortable!”

It was the first cold day of the season, and I felt toasty warm in this coat. Would it feel just as great in 20 degree weather with gusts of wind? I’m hoping Noelle can tell you after the new year because she took one home!

I’m also relying on Noelle, another petite, to show you what the back looks like because I forgot to photograph it on me. One of my biggest concerns with purchasing coats online is whether they will bunch in the back because of my petite proportions. This one didn’t.

Finally, here are a few more pics of me in the US 10SC. I know from our survey that a lot of readers prefer a looser fit. Would you choose the 8 or 10?