You’ve read Darlene’s and Jen’s reviews of the Bravissimo biker jacket, now it’s Leah’s turn.

Leah measures 38”-29”-43” and height 5’6” and generally wears size UK 28GG/30G bras. Her jacket is size US 6 (UK 10) super curvy.

Here’s all three of us in sizes US 12 super curvy, 6 super curvy, and 8 really curvy.

Oh my gosh, it was soooooo hard not to take this Bravissimo moto jacket home with me! Longtime readers will know that biker/moto jackets are a big part of my life. (I’ve since donated or sold three of the ones in that post, but collected five more!)

Anyway, I had to remind myself several times that I already own two moto jackets in black leather (what?? They’re different styles!) to stop myself from adding this one to my closet. But it looked and felt so good!

The faux suede is amazing. It feels like real suede, but it’s soft and flexible with a gentle stretch. And unlike real suede, it’s machine-washable! It also has a really comfy and deceptively warm lining.

I couldn’t resist a photo of the biker jacket on an actual bike. Thanks, Citibike!
Nice, deep pockets.
Pockets in action!
I mostly prefer to wear biker jackets unzipped to just below the bust, but…
…this cut allows you to zip it all the way without smashing your chest!
You can even go all the way to the neck on those really chilly days.

Both size US 8 really curvy and 6 super curvy fit well, but I preferred the closer fit of the 6SC—it’s so nice to be able to get that ultra-fitted look in the rib cage but still have plenty of space for my boobs!

The staff in Bravissimo were so incredibly helpful as we monopolized all the biker jackets to try several different sizes each. It’s always a super-positive, low-pressure atmosphere with the fitters there and I can’t recommend enough that readers pop in any time you’re in town. Sometimes I even eavesdrop on other customers a little, and they always seem to walk out the door feeling really good even if they don’t purchase anything.