At some point in the last month I decided that I wanted a green dress to wear this winter. I spotted this jersey shirt dress at Boden and thought it could work. I am a big believer in shirt dresses as an option to fit a full bust as the belted waist gives the dress much needed definition. This dress also has waist darts and a gored skirt making it easy to alter. Although, I could have worn it without doing any alterations.

Ultimately, I chose not to keep this dress but wanted to share in case any of you are interested in purchasing. I’m wearing size 18 in Long (this is US sizing – Boden is also a British company). I’m 5’7 and measure 49.5-39-46.

If I had kept this dress I would have made the following changes: removed the side seam pockets, taken in the waist and hips along the front darts into the gored skirt and potentially down the side seams of the skirt. I also think it is a weird length on me and I felt a bit like I was playing pioneer woman in this dress. I paid $73.50 for this dress as there was a 25% promotion going on (it was originally $98). Shipping was free but return shipping will cost me $7.

What are your thoughts on shirt dresses?