The faux suede biker jacket was NOT on my must-try list when I entered the Bravissimo Soho store on Saturday because I already own and love my Pepperberry linen biker jacket. However, after I paired it with the sexy mesh insert top in 8C/RC (US), Leah and Jen insisted I put it on my must-buy list.

Basically, wearing is believing. I thought the faux suede would be thin, but it’s super substantial with generous stretch. The US size 8RC was a perfect fit. My waist measures 32.5″, my bust measure 40.5″, and I wear a UK 32FF or G bra.

We loved having store supervisor Hayley helping us through the fitting process. She’s been ordering from Bravissimo for years–ever since a disastrous shopping trip in high school led her to google “big bust swimsuits”. Today she wears a UK 32G or 30H bra, depending on brand and style, so she completely understands the full-busted shopping experience.

This is the kind of jacket you can wear just to keep warm, but it’s also the kind of jacket you can wear as a blazer to work for a little edge and over a floral dress to toughen it up. Basically, it’s a core wardrobe piece, and the only reason I haven’t purchased it yet is that I’m not supposed to wear black. Tan or navy would be better for my coloring, but will tan be as sophisticated or navy as versatile? Tell me what to do!

All zipped up and no boob smash whatsoever.

Over the bulky sweater that I wore to the store, the 8RC (US) jacket felt cramped when zipped up, but Hayley pointed out that this style isn’t really designed to be zipped over a thick sweater. It felt perfect over the mesh insert top, and it would also feel comfortable over thinner sweaters.

Nice functional zippers at the cuffs. Sleeve length is just slightly long on me.
Nice functional zippers on the pockets. (I think I was following Leah’s order to straighten the zipper pull here.)
The back hangs nicely on my frame.

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