This white non-wired sports bra with black mesh trim is the first full busted sports bra that I have ever owned. Prior to receiving this Panache Women’s Non-Wired Sports Bra as a review sample, I had always worn an XL or XXL sports bra over a regular bra. Not super comfortable or flattering and probably not super supportive either.

I chose the non-wired version of Panache’s sports bra because the majority of my athletic activities are low-impact. I take ballet classes and a class called Floor Barre which is essentially ballet flat on your back. Both of these classes involve side bends or rolling onto my side and I felt that a non-wired bra would meet my needs best (like not poke me mid port de bras).

The bra has seamed cups with a foam lining which gives it a lot of structure (and also takes up a lot of room in my dresser).

I don’t have a lot to compare to having never owned a real sports bra before but this bra definitely makes a difference. My breasts are encapsulated which means that when I am moving from my back to a side position in Floor Barre my breasts might shift a little but they are no longer falling out of my bra.

The few times I have jogged briefly in this bra when wanting to get across the street before the light changed I was happy with the level of support it offered. I am wearing a size 38H as I took Leah’s suggestion that with sports bras since there is less stretch in the band it can be useful to size up in the band (I wear a 36HH in Elomi and Curvy Kate bras).

I would recommend this bra for low impact fitness activities like walking, yoga, barre classes and dance classes that do not involve jumping. I have washed this bra multiple times (by hand and then drip dry) and it is holding up well and does not show any signs of wear. The white fabric with the black mesh is definitely my style as I prefer solid colors when possible although for those of you that love colors there are more fun options available. This bra retails for $68.