We’re entering our final week of Bravissimo jacket and coat reviews with the Padded Jacket in oyster. I think everyone on our team wondered, “Will I look like a marshmallow in it?”, and I’m pretty sure you’re wondering the same thing.

I hope you’ll agree that I don’t look too marshmallow-y in this! However, I also don’t feel as flattered by this jacket–perhaps it’s the light color, the wide horizontal quilting seams, the thicker padding, the shorter length, or the straight hem? I’d love to hear your thoughts on what could make this a “must-buy” on me instead of an “only-if-I-must”.

On the other hand, I think it’s wonderful that Bravissimo is giving us options. Have you always wanted a cream jacket but been unable to find one to fit your boobs? This is your chance. Sometimes we women with big boobs want to wear light colors on top, too.

I sized up to the US 10 Really Curvy (instead of the US 8 Really Curvy in the longline). The US 8 Super Curvy was perfect for the quilted blazer look that I was going for, but I was more smushed into it when zipped.
I’m a BIG fan of the non-poufy, streamlined back!
Since I really wanted a quilted blazer look, I like this jacket a lot better open with a scarf. Having it open also breaks things up with a nice vertical line.
If I put my hands down, the bottom splays out a bit, likely because of the stiffness of the quilting. I have a feeling this happens with any jacket from any manufacturer, but I wonder if there are any construction techniques to prevent this?

Leah will go into a lot more of the technical details with her review on Friday, and since she grew up in the snowiest city in the United States, I’m also going to defer to her opinion of how this jacket will perform in colder weather.