Padded coats, especially longline ones, are a risk for a busty girl–well at least for me. It can go abominable snowwoman or sausage casing very quickly. Not so with this Bravissimo Super Curvy Padded Longline Coat in US 10 Super Curvy.

It’s warm even though it’s light weight. It’s very comfortable. I didn’t feel restricted in anyway. I was able to zip it up all the way without any worries.

I had a full range of movement. I don’t know about you, but sometimes with longline coats I feel like my arms pretty much have to stay by my sides, I’m taking baby steps because long strides are just not going to happen and my breasts are crushed against my chest if I try to zip it up all the way.

Some might say, “Why not just get a bigger size if you are having all those issues?” The answer is vanity. Most often when I go up a size, I lose the shape I like in the coat. I look and feel like a shapeless blob, albeit a warm one and comfortable one. What I appreciate about this coat is that I like how I look in it. It gives me a great silhouette, while keeping me warm and allowing me to move freely.