I bought Bravissimo’s Alex Zip Front Dress at the end of last summer in a geometric print. I wore this dress a fair amount last summer and even a bit into the fall. However, when I pulled out last summer’s clothes this spring I wasn’t super into this dress. One reason is that it didn’t fit smoothly around my armpits and secondly the zipper down the front of my breasts made me feel uncomfortable. I also am coming to realize that while my Bravissimo heavy wardrobe has got me wearing prints I really do prefer solid colors in my wardrobe.

Luckily, my younger sister, Teresa, felt this dress was a perfect on her and happily took it off my hands. During our Hourglassy take-over of the new NYC Bravissimo store two weeks ago Camille also tried on the new palm print version of this dress and I knew I had to review it.

Below is all three of use wearing the Alex Zip Front Dress: my sister Teresa, Camille and Me.

Side and back view of my sister.

Close-ups of Camille in the Alex Zip Front Dress.

Me wearing the dress with different sweaters and a t-shirt.

Bravissimo is currently selling this dress in the geometric print from last summer and the new palm print from this summer. This dress has an elastic waist and the main fastening of the dress is the zipper down the front. There are pockets (not a feature I care about in dresses but I know many women do). This dress length works on all three of us and the length was long enough for me. Me, Teresa and Camille all have hips that are smaller than our busts and this dress fit all three of us great on our bottom half.

This dress is also available with ¾ sleeves in a light blue denim and navy polka dots (which I think would look great on my sister!).

My sister and I are both wearing the UK size 18 Super Curvy (size 14 in American sizing) and Camille is wearing the UK size 8 Super Curvy (size 4 in American sizing).

Our measurements in this dress are:

Me – 48.5-40-45 (last summer’s measurements) and 5’7 tall

Teresa – 45-38-42 and 5’5 tall

Camille – 38-28.5-35.5 and 5’ tall