I reviewed the “Powder Puff” top from the brand Vixen by Micheline Pitt several years ago. Micheline has since released loads more designs under her Vixen line and her southern gothic-style La Femme en Noir label. But despite rave reviews, I haven’t really jumped on the Vixen train, as so far most of the styles either haven’t felt very “me” or show off waaaaaaay more cleavage than I’m comfortable with.

The Vixen “Wrap Top” in blue velvet—gorgeous color, but soooooo much boobage.

I did pick up the black and white striped “Dollface” dress and wore it several times, but ultimately decided the fit wasn’t right for me and sold it.

In size medium, the Dollface didn’t really have enough boob space and the torso wasn’t long enough. I have tall/high-set boobs, so even when I adjusted the straps as short as I could get them without digging into my shoulders and armpits, I still had a lot of breast tissue popping out above the neckline. But with minimal stretch, the neckline edge dug into my tissue and caused bad quad-boob. Pulling the bust up that high also placed the waistline too high for my long torso.

Such a shame the Dollface dress didn’t work for me because black & white is so easy to accessorize, and it had positively gigantic pockets.

All of this is leading up to the fact that I finally tried a second Vixen dress this week—and I love it!

When the “Vacation” dress was first announced, the description of the fabric is what really excited me: “wrinkle-free;” “travel-friendly;” and “featuring a new exclusive fabric that breathes like rayon and feels like silk that is completely wrinkle resistant.”

Once the reviews started rolling in, I was completely sold. There were reports that the fabric somehow felt cool to the touch at all times, once again the giant pockets were there, and ladies claimed to be comfortable wearing it even in the hottest of temperatures.

I was so eager to receive my dress that I had it shipped to my parents’ place in the countryside of central New York since I would be in town for 4th of July. Plus that means I got to take photos against a much nicer background than my apartment hallway!

This dress is size medium. I measure 38”-29”-43” and height 5’6”. Bra size is roughly UK 28GG/30G. In these photos, I’m wearing an Ewa Michalak PL bra in 30GG.

This dress is incredibly flattering and easy to wear for a big bust. The fabric has some stretch, yes, but really I think it’s the construction that deserves most of the credit. The under-bust seam is curved and actually stays under the bust. Yet the elastic all around the neckline means you could pull the bust down further if needed.

There’s also a vertical seam up the center of the bust, so that the ruching molds to the curve of your breasts rather than bubbling out in the middle (something I find common with this type of peasant-style top).

Finally, the scoop neckline is ever so flattering yet fully encapsulates all my cleavage. There’s just the tiniest bit of décolletage that you can basically only see at an angle. So I would definitely consider this work-friendly.

The neckline can be worn off-the-shoulder, but I prefer it up. And unlike the Powder Puff top, the shoulders are narrow enough to cover my bra straps without any extra wrangling.

As for the other details, the skirt has enough gathering to give it a full look, but isn’t so voluminous that it looks costume-y. The fabric feels soft and light with great draping. And the bishop sleeves are super comfy. As well, the elastic at the ends of the sleeves and along the neckline is bouncy and doesn’t dig in or feel at all binding.

With its high-quality, machine-washable, comfy fabric, the Vacation dress was the perfect choice for a sunny day visiting a farm brewery, a craft show, and wandering around my parents’ property in comfort without worrying about snagging or staining my dress.

Made some new friends at the brewery.
Look at that flirty face!

The Vacation dress comes in three colors, but some of the sizes are already sold out and others are going fast. It’s been announced that the black one will be restocked, so if you want one, I’d suggest signing up for the waiting list. Select your size, and a waitlist button will appear: https://www.michelinepitt.com/products/pre-order-vacation-dress-in-black-vixen-by-micheline-pitt