How amazing is it that two Hourglassy writers and three readers could meet up at the last minute for a full-bust shopping bonanza at Bravissimo on a holiday weekend?

Katie, Jen, Camille, Donna and me ready to shop!

Today’s post is a photo journal of our fun afternoon. Look for our measurements, clothing and bra sizes in a footnote* at the end.

Emily flies over from London just to supervise the new fitters. She’s been with Bravissimo since 2005.
Descending the stairs to the ten dressing rooms in the basement. There are three more on the ground floor for mobility-challenged customers.
One of the fitters wearing the adorable Ruffle Trim Shirt.
The Caitlin dress is SO Jen!
Jen, Donna and I liked the Button Front Sundress.
The fabric is on the thin side.
We kept Holly busy!
The Kimono Dress on Katie.
Katie is petite and needs to raise the neckline in most Bravissimo dresses. There seemed to be enough room in the armhole if she wanted to do so with this dress.
I love this kimono dress on Jen, but she said it has too much room at the hips–an issue she wrote about when she reviewed the rust-colored Kimono Dress last fall.
I’ve been eyeing this Denim Sundress on their website. The waist hit a little high, but I could see myself wearing this all summer.
On the other hand, everyone else thought the Iris dress looked better on me. The waist hits just right, and the pockets are wonderful.
The Alex Zip Front Dress fit Camille in all the right places! She’s waiting for it to come out in a different fabric before she buys it.
I brought Spanx with me to try under the Strappy Leila Dress, but I DIDN’T NEED IT. This fabric has a great weight AND lining to mask bulges. This dress is perfect for date night. Fortunately, this style is super popular so it will likely continue to be offered, although not necessarily in this color.
Red, white and blue.
One of the rare minutes that store manager Mila wasn’t running around fetching new sizes and styles for everyone.
The Emily Broderie Sleeve Top is a basic winner. Great neckline placement.
Cold Shoulder Top on Donna. Camille said this top looks skin tight on the models with their super flat abs, so if she hadn’t seen Donna wearing it, she would have assumed it was off limits.
I’m not usually a hi-lo fan, but I really like it on the Lyla Strapping Detail Dress. Jen, on the other hand, said that if she bought this dress, she’d level the hem and get rid of the decorative strapping. I agree about the strapping.
Doesn’t Jen have PRESENCE in the Cold Shoulder Maxi??
Initially I commented that she could easily find a black knit maxi anywhere, but she said, “Not that fits,” and pointed out that the bust darts are perfectly positioned on her.
I might even answer the doorbell in this chemise. I think this is a 34F, and it didn’t feel too loose.
There’s a J-hook to create a racerback. While I like the look of the racerback and it felt more supportive, I didn’t like the shoulder strain it caused.
A little prosecco in the cute sitting/waiting area to end our day!

You’ll find out what’s in Camille’s bag next week–as well as each of our favorite pieces that aren’t even included in this post. But wait–there’s more! Tomorrow you’ll see a blue dress that was a total win on everyone who tried it.

*Katie Bust 38.5; waist 28/29; hips 43. “I started out just trying UK 10 Curvy for wovens (the blue floral kimono dress) and Curvy/Really Curvy for knits, but once Holly started trying to fit me, we went to UK 8 Really Curvy for the coral kimono dress, and the white broderie sun top [in] . . . 8 SC when I couldn’t close it over the ribs for RC.

“I am a 28G in most brands/styles, as for measurements: 38.5-29-43, but probably good to add I have a short torso. 8 RC/C probably would have worked in most things except for my hips which may have worked with some good compression garments but I never wear them so that’s moot for me.”

Jen Bust 47.5; waist 38; hips 44.5. Bra size UK 36HH. Bravissimo clothing size UK 18 SC.

Camille Bust 38; waist 28.5; hips 35.5. Bra size depends on the bra–I own bras in 28gg/28H/30G/30GG/30H. I am 5’0″ tall. Bottoms are generally US 0-2. Bravissimo UK 8 R/S or 8 SC occasionally UK 10 R/S.

“Most of the clothes I tried on were too big. That was to be expected as they didn’t have much of anything in my size so I tried on UK 10 SC. The zipper dress was my size–UK 8 SC. The sales lady said they sold out of a lot of 8 SC and they hadn’t expected that. “

Donna Bust 38, waist 31, hips 39. Bra size UK 30/32 G. “My Bravissimo size varied from 10 or 12 RC SC.”

Darlene Bust 40.75; waist 32; hips 38. Bra size UK 32FF/G (wearing my Aubade Nudessence 3-part bra in these posts). Bravissimo clothing size mostly UK 12 Curvy (except I’m a UK 12 Super Curvy in the dress I’m posting tomorrow!).