As I have said in my last few blogs my shopping has been out of control for the past few weeks. I’m going on a clothing shopping ban for the rest of October and November…as soon as the dresses I won on eBay arrive in the mail from the UK.

The rest of my fall order from Bravissimo was three midi-length dresses. I wanted to love these midi-length dresses as Bravissimo’s dress length in general tends to run on the shorter side. Unfortunately, none of them ended up working out for me and I returned everything I ordered from this shipment.

I’ve lost some weight since this summer and after this order I came to the realization that Bravissimo clothing in the size 14 Super Curvy (18 in UK sizing) is just too big in the hips for me to wear unless it is a dress with a full skirt. Going forward any dresses I order need to be in the stretch sizing 14 RSC or I need to be prepared to pay for alterations to the dress.

I loved this rust colored dress the first time I saw it online. The reality is not so great. The top is too low cut for work and pulls at my bust. My hips are swimming in the extra fabric and the side zipper and visible pockets would definitely add to the alteration bill for this dress. The kimono cut of this dress comes in different colors and prints so it must be a big seller for Bravissimo.

This black dress with an orange print was also a miss fit wise. The waistband is right under my rib cage and the hips are too big. This dress looked dowdy before I put it on and the style seems better suited to a fancier fabric. I do love the sleeve length.

I really liked this grey ribbed t-shirt dress. So much so that I styled it with a sweater to see if I could make it more winter friendly. I liked the length and the ribbed fabric. What I didn’t like is the price. Why is a t-shirt dress with simple construction only $10 cheaper than a kimono dress that took far more time to cut out and sew? Ultimately, this felt like a summer dress to me and I’m also not in love with the color. I would be interested in this dress with longer sleeves and darker colors – maybe in burgundy? And final thoughts on this dress – it only looked good with Spanx on underneath it. If I’m going to wear a t-shirt dress which in theory should be comfortable I don’t want to have to wear a modern-day girdle with it.

Did any of you purchase new Fall clothing from Bravissimo?