Continuing my internet shopping spree, I found a bust friendly short sleeve tee at Express. I didn’t end up keeping it because I mostly wear dresses in any weather conditions where a short-sleeved tee would work. And currently my wardrobe needs some long-sleeved items for winter.

I first noticed the tie front trend at Club Monaco. I didn’t bother trying this sweater on because it’s $328. I did make note of the style and contemplate how bust friendly it could potentially be.

When I found the same tie front trend at Express I knew I had to try it on. In full disclosure I used to work at Express in 2002 and the store still holds a soft spot in my heart. Express currently has this tee in multiple colors, fabric types and stripes. I wish this top had long sleeves! I’m wearing an XL in the pictures below.

In a ribbed burgundy fabric – this version comes in a ton of colors.

This is the textured ivory version.

I do think this style would be easy to DIY since it’s just an oversized top with two strips of fabric sewn on the side seams. Any of you willing to DIY and report back?