Work has been stressful lately and I have turned to shopping as a coping mechanism. Not the best way to deal with stress but still better than spending quality time with my friends Häagen-Dazs and Chardonnay. The first big order of this shopping binge was of course from Bravissimo. They have a ton of new fall styles and I was curious how these styles would look on me. In this post I am going to be reviewing their full-length notch neck cardigan and lightweight padded jacket.

The cardigan looks good on me and I like the color. However, I find the cropped cardigan from Bravissimo to be a better fit on me. The cropped cardigan hits at my natural waist which is more flattering. The full-length cardigan went back to England and I am definitely thinking about purchasing the black cropped cardigan and the navy one for winter. Or asking Santa Claus to swing his sleigh past Bravissimo on his way to my parents’ house.

The lightweight padded jacket comes in both grey and red and costs $145. Normally I go for red so I am not sure why I ordered this jacket in grey. This jacket is the best fitting jacket I have ever tried on! No smashed boobs or tons of extra fabric at the waist and hips. My current winter jacket from Uniqlo has a broken zipper and a few small tears that I mended. Technically I probably need a new winter jacket, but I rather like my Uniqlo jacket (broken zipper and all – and I am planning to replace the zipper). My current plan is to wear my Uniqlo jacket this winter with my navy Bravissimo trench over it for work.

My issue with the lightweight padded jacket is that there is no indication of the temperature range. Will this keep me warm in 30-degree weather or even 20-degree weather? I really couldn’t tell by trying it on and Bravissimo doesn’t indicate on their website. This is the main reason I am planning to keep my jacket with the broken zipper instead of buying this one.

Do any of you have a great fitting favorite winter coat?