I did not buy this top. I explain why at the end.

Yesterday a friend texted to ask if everything was okay because she hadn’t seen me on Hourglassy for a while. October is turning into a CRAZY month. If you’re near Philadelphia, D.C., or San Francisco, I’d love for you to check out the Campbell & Kate pop up schedule in the right hand column and come by and say hi. If you know any busty women in those cities who need a great-fitting button front shirt, send them my way!

Here’s what else has been going on: none of my clothes fit, including my bras. I thought it was just a matter of skipping a few desserts and I’d be back to my 32F’s, but weeks became months of wearing tide-me-over bras that didn’t fit perfectly. Getting dressed has NOT been fun.

When Jennifer and I visited The Rack Shack in August, owner Laura spoke what I’d begun to suspect: “Wearing the right size bra is a form of self care.” Then she put me into a black Panache Jasmine in 34G that fit perfectly. Silver lining: I also realized that I could once again fill out Leah’s and my favorite tee shirt bra, the Fantasie 4510 (affiliate link). I bought one, and things have started to look up.

With all these pop ups coming up, I realized I needed to take care of how I look on the outside, too. But not in the top that I’m wearing in today’s photo! I snapped it when I stopped at Marshall’s on Sunday because I think it’s a perfect example of waistline boob. A simple V-neck top in a color I love–what could go wrong? My theory is that the tiny rolled design detail on the neckline is what went wrong. It acts as a extra border between neckline and boobs.

I came home from my shopping trip with two new pairs of pants and a cute leopard print belt that will go great with my shirts. Getting dressed is going to be fun again.