It has been an awfully long time since my last wired bra review. This week I’m discussing the Freya “Hero” bra. And what a hero it is!


Disclosure: This item was received as a review sample. All opinions are my own and based entirely on my experience.

I haven’t bought a new Freya bra in quite a while. I own so many of them in prints I adore that I just keep wearing my old ones over and over, refusing to replace them even though they’re pathetically worn out. But after trying the Hero bra, I’m ready to throw out all my old Freyas and start fresh!

I took my usual Freya 28G in this bra, yet Hero is easily the best-fitting Freya bra I’ve ever tried. It’s also the first side-support style from them that I’ve ever tried, so that might have something to do with it.

Hero features a sheer top panel and two sheer lower panels. The side support sling and the wings and band are opaque black fabric. There are silver lurex thread details throughout, including along the cup edge, the edge of the side sling leading onto the wing, and mini-bows at the gore and straps.

I love the two different sheer weaves on the top and bottom half of the cup. They give a modern edge to this standard bra cut. I also really like the tiny bit of silver throughout the design, as it makes it seem more luxe. Though I think the bows are a little superfluous and take away from the clean look, so I might take them off.




My favorite part, aside from the fit, is definitely the opaque black sling and band. For once, the band is not made of stupid micro-mesh, which, in my experience, wears and stretches out faster than conventional polyester or nylon blend fabric. The silky, opaque fabric also feels softer on my skin, and the edges don’t bite in nearly as much.


On to fit! Hero still gives the classic “natural” shape that I’m used to with Freya, but it has a slightly less pointy shape, which I very much appreciate. The side slings pull my boobs inward, so they don’t get in the way of my arms, and I get a nice, streamlined look.

As usual with Freya, the wires are just slightly wider and the cups are just slightly shallower than I need, but it’s not uncomfortable or problematic. My breast shape is very full-on-bottom and slightly above average full-on-top, and I don’t have excessive empty space on bottom or pillowing on top, so I think this bra could conceivably accommodate a range of shapes.

Finally, while Hero is certainly not a minimizer bra, it definitely provides a more modest profile overall than, say, the ultra-round and lifted shape of Ewa Michalak or Comexim. It’s perfect for lower necklines when I don’t want to be too in-your-face.

(Please excuse the old underarm stains. Clearly it’s time to replace this camisole!)



This bra is really a game-changer for me. I’m finally ready to toss all my worn-out old Freyas and replace them with Hero (or whatever side sling bra Freya comes up with next)!