With my children on Spring Break we decided to spend a week in my hometown in Michigan. Growing up and living there until I was 19, I now know I was wearing the wrong size bra for years. Not knowing much about proper fit and not having access to a proper fitter, I was left to fend for myself. The closest thing I had to helping me figure it all out was my local Victorias Secret. It isn’t surprising that after several trips to the mall and quite a few glares from well meaning staff, I walked out with 34DD bras. Looking back I know my band size couldn’t have been above a 30.

Returning home as a grown up with many more years of living as a busty gal, I was curious. What would my options be if I still lived in Flint, Michigan?

I returned to my local mall.

After an hour or so I was simply exasperated.

Not even the Macys there had anything close to my size.

I would have settled for any style, any fabric, any granny nudish cone shaped cup that would hold the girls but there was nothing. Even though I was wearing a gorgeous perfectly fit bra at the time, going in and out of store after store leaving empty handed was depressing.

I left the mall and later the state wondering how much lower my opinion of myself and my J cups would be if I still lived in this bra desert.

I don’t know how I would have ever handled trying to figure out my true size if I’d stayed there. Sure there is the internet, but how many countless returns and exchanges would I have been forced to go through before finding the proper fit?

Do you live in a busty bra desert? If so, how did you find your way into a beautiful proper fit?