Hourglassy has some all-star commenters, and one of them is Ana in Lisbon, Portugal. In her comments to my post about the full bust clothing landscape, she alerted me to a woven (not stretch!) H&M sundress that works really well for her and usually comes out every summer. She’s even agreed to write a guest post about the dress that I’m going to publish once the weather warms up a little more. You’re going to love it.

But wait. There’s more!

Today she told me about the green flared top that got away from her but is still available in black and grey online.

f cup friendly h and m topHere’s her report:

I didn’t buy it and regretted it. Then I went back and couldn’t find my size in this colour. The fabric is stretchy, and the seams help with the fit on the bust and waist. I’m wearing a bra from Flirtelle underneath, and you can see the little bumps from the embroidery. A “flatter” lace would probably be OK, though, as the fabric was of considerable weight.

They do seem to have a lot of garments with possibly bust friendly seams at the moment!

For reference, Ana is wearing the top in XS, and her measurements are 1.6 m height (5’2″), 91 cm bust (36″), 66 cm under bust (26″), 63 cm waist (25″), 83 cm high hip (33″), 89 cm full hip (35″). Her bra size in most brands is 26FF/28F.

Here’s what the back looks like . . . H and M zipper back. . . which made me think of the DD Atelier pink zipper top that I only discovered yesterday and is already sold out in my size.dd atelier pink zipper back top

I could picture myself wearing this a lot this spring and summer.
dd atelier pink zipper top frontIt looks like I’m going to need to make a visit to H&M soon!