On Saturday I finally got together with the big boobie newbie who thought she was a 38DD. As I suspected, she measured only 34″ around her underbust and 42″ around her apex. I sent her home with my old Prima Donna Satin in 34H, a few of my 34FF UK bras, and my old Enell sports bra in size 2.  She looked amazing in a 16RC Pepperberry jacket leftover from the last Big Bust Clothing Swap, so of course she had to take that home as well.

She told me how much she hates to shop because nothing fits her larger size, and recently she chose to attend an event in an old dress that she hated rather than subject herself to another demoralizing session in a dressing room. Her frustration felt foreign to me! I used to be able to relate to her, but I’ve known about our full bust clothing options for so long that I now take them for granted.

I marched her to my computer and showed her my top five busty clothing site recommendations. She had never even considered shopping online for her figure type before. Right then I vowed to update our Clothing for Big Busts page this week.

I’ve just finished, and it’s been quite an eye opener. First, I know of only one new arrival on the American scene, a small Brooklyn startup called Exclusively Kristen. There is also the growing line of DD Cup and Up dresses from Bolero. Otherwise, large bust clothing manufacturing appears to be contracting in the United States. The ecommerce platforms for Carissa Rose and Jailyn Apparel are currently inactive, and all InStyle Essentials shirts have just gone on final sale for $15! The websites for AJRumina and Campbell & Kate have been the same for years–AJRumina because the founders are balancing full-time jobs and families, and Campbell & Kate because I’m still trying to fix my pattern and production issues.

Things are more encouraging overseas. The “Top Five” appear to be going strong: Pepperberry, BiuBiu, Urkye, DD Atelier and Saint Bustier regularly offer new styles. Bitter Lollipop looks like a promising newcomer for dresses, Marks & Spencer has a well-reviewed “no peep” line of blouses, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that Cast is still in the game. It looks like there’s even a Japanese line of bust-friendly blouses!

The international sphere isn’t without its hiccups. DBusted, the spunky Australian precursor to Saint Bustier, has been winding down its business for over a year now, and you can still find steeply discounted items in many sizes. In the northern hemisphere, there are rumors that the Made in Preston website may shut down.

There were a few other minor discoveries as I proofed the links on the Clothing for Big Busts page. For instance, Figleaves no longer calls its house brand sleepwear “Midnight Grace”. They’ve reserved that name for its swimwear and lounge-y dresses. And the Bettie Page boutique on New York City’s Lower East Side is now Tatyana–same store, different name (and I really want to get over there to try their Snuggle Jacket soon).

The final version of the Clothing for Big Busts page surprised me–I thought we had more possibilities! Then I remembered how scant our options were when I began this blog in 2008; and for someone like my visitor on Saturday–who thought we had zero options–the current landscape must look like heaven.

How do you feel about where things are, and what do you predict for the future of big bust-friendly clothing?