Leah isn’t able to post today, so I’m using her space to link to my blog post about Bottomless Closet on the Campbell & Kate blog. What important work this non-profit is doing! However, I admit that I’m slightly conflicted about encouraging Hourglassy readers to donate their bust-friendly tops, jackets and dresses to this organization. If you do that, how will you have anything left for our next Big Bust Clothing Swap? I should probably just get over my scarcity mentality, shouldn’t I? Sounds like another blog post topic worth exploring.

When I visited Bottomless Closet a few weeks ago, I already knew that they didn’t accept used bra donations, but I hoped to encourage them to reconsider. After all, how can anyone dress for success without the right foundation? But when I saw all the clothing that they sort and heard about all the services that they provide, I realized there was no way this non-profit could also take on all the sizes and fit issues that bras present.

If you check out the pictures that I posted on Campbell & Kate, you can see that the boutique is pretty amazing. Here’s a picture of one of the back rooms. The wall of cubbyholes is just for shoes. Can you imagine adding bras to the mix?

bottomless closet shoe donations

So if you’re a bravangelist looking for her calling in life, this could be it. Why not set up a non-profit that does nothing but provide bras to the clients of other non-profits? A woman could pick up a referral to your fitting room at the same time that she picks up her interview outfit from Bottomless Closet! (One problem: many Bottomless Closet clients visit the boutique the day before their interview–NOT an ideal time for breaking in a new bra!)

You would have no problem getting bra donations. The now defunct Support 1000 has already proven that women everywhere want to help other women in this way. It wasn’t lack of donations that caused Support1000 to shutter. It was lack of time. The organization was 100% volunteer driven. To resurrect its mission, there would need to be salaried staff.

I’d better be careful or I’ll talk myself into starting something myself. However, if anyone out there wants to dream with me, let’s set up a conference call!