Continuing our Panache giveaway-inspired series with this fresh perspective from Celia.

My best advice for standing out? Own it. I’ve definitely had situations in which I felt as though I might be standing out in the “sore thumb” way instead of the “extra glittery star” way. But in situations like that, I still plaster on a smile, throw my shoulders back, and repeat my own personal mantra to myself “I’m awesome, forget them.” (Note: the mantra actually uses a more adult word starting with F, but I’ll just keep this family friendly.)

This might not work for everyone but I’ve generally found if you tell yourself that you’re great, it helps combat the stupid voice of internal cringe if you find yourself feeling less than confident. I also find that the people around you accept whatever you’re dishing out so long as you do it with a smile and a wink.

Also want to give a quick shout out to how much I love Panache’s line of sports bras. I play roller derby and have two of them to play in, and they’re fantastic. The foam shaping actually provides my ladies a little bit of extra protection against chest hits. And they look great too! So well supported!

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