I wore my Panache sports tank to Total Body Conditioning this morning and loved it even more. While we were waiting for the room to become available, I jumped up and down to show my classmates how supportive it is. “Wow!” said one women. “Nothing moved!” This of course led to a discussion of bra sizes in which another woman said, “I have a friend who got a reduction, but she wore an F cup. Some sizes are just too large!” I didn’t even bother educating her. I did, however, propose to the Exercise Director standing next to me that we have a bra fitting event some day, and she liked the idea. So maybe my plan will actually happen!

Are you ready to find out how you can win your very own Panache sports tank? Read on.

In yesterday’s review, I mentioned how I felt overdressed the first time I wore my sports tank.  Following that experience, I read this woman’s reaction to being the only one wearing color in a sea of LBD’s at a black tie wedding:

Off to the 5 o’clock black-tie wedding only to be totally humiliated. Walking up to the church, every woman I encountered had on a little black dress and black heels. Luckily I had on a black coat to cover my fashion disaster. Yes, the men all wore tuxes but the women were dressed down compared with what I learned online. I never took my coat off at the wedding and refused to go to the reception!

So here’s the question we need you to answer in order to win the sports tank: How to deal with standing out? Your answer can take many forms. Here are just a few examples:

  • a personal story
  • tips for standing out on purpose
  • tips for when you find yourself standing out by accident
  • reasons for standing out (or not)
  • ways you psych yourself up for–or out of–standing out
  • inspirations for standing out

And it doesn’t have to be boob-related, although of course that is ALWAYS welcome here.

Here are the rules:

  1. Send an email to giveaway@hourglassy.com with “Panache Sports Tank” in the subject line.
  2. FOR ONE ENTRY, answer the question.
  3. FOR AN EXTRA ENTRY, make your answer so amazing* that we’ll want to publish it on Hourglassy (whether we actually do or not).
  4. And because we’re still dreaming of holding Hourglassy events around the country, tell us the closest major city that you live near and how long it takes you to get there (if you already told us for the Perfect Cami giveaway, just say so).
  5. The deadline for entering is 11:59 PM on October 31–the end of Fit & Active October.
  6. Unfortunately, this giveaway is only open to residents in the United States (I’m sorry!).
  7. Caveat: If for some reason the winner’s size is no longer available in the sports tank, Panache will provide a sports bra instead.

It will take us some time to read through the answers, but we’ll announce the winner by Monday, November 17, at the absolute latest.  We will assign each entry a number and use a random number generator to select the winner. If you don’t want us to publish any part of your answer, please also say so. If you don’t want us to use your real name when we announce the winner or publish your answer, please tell us what to use in your email.

*Hint: “Amazing” means no cliched commands like “Be confident” or “Accept yourself”.