Reader Kara made this comment when I asked for some inspiration in January:

sports bras
how do we get the word out that there ARE options for sports bras for “large chest women” (or whatever we call ourselves)
a) sometimes you are walking down the street and see a woman jogging and everything is bouncing and she’s a stranger so you can’t say anything
b) womens general interest website (or blogger) posts an article whining about how it’s impossible to find a sports bra in her size and she has to wear 2 bras – never sure if these articles are serious or bait for page views to get a bunch of comments telling the writer about the options out there

It might be difficult to approach a stranger on the street, but I think there’s great potential for helping women who regularly attend the same gym classes we do. In the past, I’ve given women my card or scrawled my number on a scrap of paper. So far no one’s ever called me, though. Then in an aerobics class two weeks ago, I watched a very average-busted woman clutch her breasts with both hands as we jumped up and down. It was enough to spur me to action.

Right now, I have a vague plan for getting the word out:

  1. Get permission from the gym’s owner to put a poster up. (A week later I spoke to the manager, and he said he’d ask the owner. It’s a sad testament to my commitment to exercise that I haven’t been back to the gym to follow up. Now I have both a cold and jury duty, so it won’t be this week either.)
  2. The poster will (a) advertise the need for sports bras and include cards with discount codes to one of my favorite bra stores; and/or (b) advertise a sports bra fitting event that I or the bra store will sponsor, ideally at the gym itself. I already spoke to the favorite bra store owner, and she likes the idea.
  3. Test the concept, tweak it, and then scale it through Hourglassy readers and other Bosom Bloggers.

What do you think?

P.S. If I don’t respond to your comments, it’s not because I’m not reading or thinking about them. It’s because I’m being a good Alternate Juror #1 and paying attention to the negligence case I’ve been assigned to.