Fit & Active October has begun here at Hourglassy. In preparing for this week’s column, I was shown “Exercise and the Bounce Factor“, a blog post for a major publication that made me first feel sad, then confused and in the end irritated. You see, the gist of it was that the writer wears a 38DD and is forced to endure all types of pain, rashes, medical tape and cotton balls while running because of her “very large breasts” because there aren’t sports bras out there for large busted women.

My first response was to feel for her because as an extremely large-busted woman, I understand that it can be difficult to find a well fitting sports bra. I got to that point, did a quick search and immediately started asking questions.

google 38DD sports bra options
Interesting what just “popped up” on page 1 of my search

Does she have internet?
Ummmm . . . she’s a blogger for the NY Times.

Is she familiar with Google?
Ummmm . . . she’s a blogger for the NY Times.

If she chose to, is she able to research 38DD sports bras?
Ummmm . . . she’s a blogger for the NY Times.

Then I was confused. I was confused because it makes no sense that she would suffer through what the blog claims without doing her due diligence. Is this, perhaps, only the “problem” side of the story?

Now I’m simply irritated. This is not the first “article” I’ve read in a major publication that dramatically relates the “horrors” of having large breasts or how funny big breasts are. It happens. My problem is that when it comes from a large busted woman, I expect options and/or solutions to be mentioned or at the very least for some basic research to be done. To have such an opportunity to reach that large of an audience of women AND girls and choose drama over help? I don’t understand that.

I don’t understand because I care. I care about my readers because I am you. I am lucky enough to be able to speak to you all and share whatever information I have that may be helpful and, in turn, I get to learn from y’all as well. There is a mutual respect gained between readers and writers when the dialog is open and honest.

In honor of Fit & Active October, I am including my previous columns on running and on yoga for large-busted women. For those of you that have not read them, there is information regarding issues I’ve had as a busty girl AND solutions including sports bra selection. The comments section is also full of useful information.

I encourage you all to spread the knowledge you have to other busty ladies as we move forward to leading healthier lives.