I’m getting back on track with my fitness routine this month.  Fall is my favorite time of year for running, and with school starting, I’ll have far too many events to attend to be worried about my “jiggly bits”.  In addition to running, I will be strength training and doing yoga.

I practice yoga in my home and always alone.  This is the only way for me to totally focus on the movements and breathing.  It also means I can wear just a sports bra and yoga pants without giving it a second thought.

I do enjoy yoga.  I usually do “Yoga X”, a 90-minute session of vinyasa-type yoga included in the “P90X” series of DVD”s.  It is not easy for me and has presented a few unexpected problems.

I move well through poses until I come to one that requires standing on one leg, bending over and lifting the other leg straight out behind you.big bust warrior 3 poseI am naturally clumsy and with my 8lb chest on one end, I closely resemble a teeter totter!  I trust that as I strengthen my core and back, these will become easier.

I proceed to a selection of moves I refer to as “Yeah, right Yogi”.  These moves are trouble for any busty lady who

doesn’t want to be suffocated by her breasts . . .

big bust shoulder stand
. . . or who doesn’t  like cleavage sweat dripping into her eyes and mouth.

big bust single legged forward poseYou could always try out the Rabbit pose, which presents the same sweat issues with a dose of breathing difficulty.  A two for one special, indeed!

big bust rabbit pose

By simply looking at these photos, I ask you, “Where do I put my boobs again?”

Putting these small issues aside, yoga is a wonderful workout for me.  There are poses I love like the Camel that pull back the shoulders, and bring the chest open and forward.  This is great for those of us still working on our posture/slouching.

big bust camel pose

Even the poses that are really hard for me are worth doing.  In fact, they are the ones I need the most.  I am a 32J and a runner.  I need a strong core, good posture and focus.  So I modify or substitute a pose or two and just keep on breathing.