Clothing stains, especially on our “top shelf”, are one of the hazards of being big-boobed. How many of our hard-to-find-perfectly-fitting tee shirts have died an early death because of stains? Here is the Bravissimo top that I got at our last clothing swap that got an oil stain when we went out to eat last month.


Yesterday I decided to try an industrial product called Spot Lifter II that I’d found in the Garment District. Look what happened!

before and after pink top

I go into more detail about my experiments with Spot Lifter II on the Campbell & Kate blog today. This product could really extend our wardrobes, ladies!


P.S. If you don’t want to try an industrial product like this powdered spot remover, there’s always the technique of sprinkling talcum powder on a fresh oil stain. I’ve had varied levels of success with this method.