Two weeks ago, I was consumed with all things Sochi. Of course there’s a song I was singing to myself:

We are the Champions, my friends . . .
We’ll keep on fighting till the end.
We are the Champions,
We are the Champions . . . .

Did you watch the Olympics? What did you think of the fearless women sledding 80 miles per hour headfirst in the Skeleton?

Gold Medal Winner Lizzy Yarnold
Gold Medal Winner Lizzy Yarnold

What would it take for a fearless curvy girl to do this sport? Only the right gear. And by “the right gear”, I mean Enell. Sure, there are sports bras by other makers for low impact sports, but for me, for running or lying face down on a Skeleton sled the size of a cookie sheet (as if I’d ever!?!?) or for horseback riding, there is only Enell Sport.

I was first introduced to Enell something like eight years ago. At the time, I ordered the largest size that Title Nine had available in their catalogue, a size 3. Fit wise, I’m actually in the neighborhood of a 40H. According to the Enell size chart, a size 3 fits a 35-37 inch ribcage, which Title Nine translated to a 38DD /40DD bra size. This is a common experience for me, and for many others I suspect. My measurements are beyond the largest size available at regular and specialty size retailers. What to do? Squeeze in or do without?

Like any smart reader of Hourglassy or lingerie blogs, I know to steer clear of fitting advice that believes 35-37 equates to 38-40, so I had misgivings about the Title Nine size chart. However, I try to fear not, to ignore numbers on tags and charts when possible, and just try it on. Though snug beyond belief, those size 3 Enell Sport bras still let me breathe, but they also let me run or ride a horse at full canter with zero breast movement. I suspect they’d also let me lie face down on a cookie sheet hurtling head first down an icy chute (as if I’d ever?!?!?).


How is zero breast movement achieved?

  • The satiny fabric is thick and doesn’t stretch.
  • There are  no adjustable shoulder straps that stretch or move out of place mid-workout.
  • The long column of hook and eye closures (11 on my size 3) keep me contained and my breasts smooshed and immobile.

Enell’s size chart indicates they have an option for ribcage measurements from 27-53 inches, and they do custom alterations. These are all reasons that Enell is a good bra.

Why it’s a great bra, a gold medal winner, in my opinion, is summed up in last summer’s review on Bras I Hate and Love:

I wore my new Enell Sport bra for several trail and road runs. I forgot I was wearing a bra. More accurately, I forgot all about bras and chests. I just ran.

What’s your gold medal winning sports bra?